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General Discussion Mekorama beyond this forum

Discussion in 'General (Issues, Help, Discussions)' started by nGord, Feb 27, 2018.

  1. nGord

    nGord Administrator

    Likes Received:
    Jul 21, 2016
    It's nearly two years since the release of Mekorama and it seems to be still going strong in terms of new downloads. Despite the officially recognized links to our forum from the official Mekorama Facebook page, Martin Magni's Twitter feed, and the Mekorama website, there are also many other sources from where to enjoy the game. Although we cannot vouch for any of these, here is a partial list:

    Discord, @Astral_Mage invited us to join, great for chatting about levels, the forum, fan-art, MekoStudio, etc.
    WhatsApp, @Sharma's invited us to join, {use WhatsApp at your own risk}
    Instagram, 1400+ stuff found tagged #mekorama
    Twitter, stuff tagged #mekorama
    Reddit, stuff tagged #mekorama
    Google+, @a220 invited us to join, seems defunct nor do there appear to be any original levels
    Facebook Pages:
    Mekorama Universe, curated by @Frince
    Mekorama Italia, curated by @stefanovime
    Mekorama Fan Levels
    Facebook Groups:
    Mekorama, 1100+ members, public group
    Mekorama, 500+ members, closed group
    Mekorama Indonesia, 270+ members, public group started by @Muslim Arizzy
    Mekorama Indonesia, 1300+ members, closed group
    Creators posting to their FB profile:
    Mekorama Yuan, @yuan
    YouTube video solutions:
    Marnick van Lith
    Care Kids Games
    Other websites/forums:
    AppUnwrapper, no original levels (only curated obscurities from elsewhere)
    TouchArcade, the original thread/forum started by @Martin Magni

    And last but definitely not least, there is MekoStudio - a website created by @Gepeto - that allows you to create your own levels completely from scratch, edit existing levels, optimize QR codes that you may have trouble scanning, and so much more!

    Do you know of other places we should know about?
  2. Abi Irsyad

    Abi Irsyad Member

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    Aug 23, 2018
    Anyone joining the Mekorama WhatsApp group?
  3. D.S.Masters

    D.S.Masters Well-Known Member

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    Jul 17, 2016
    There are several Mekorama pages on Facebook, but the one that I consider to be 'official' is this one: https://www.facebook.com/mekorama/

    This is the page where you'll find featured Mekorama levels almost every day - the latest ones are levels from @Jorz , @Master Author , @Block builder , @Don G Rowe and @meko

    Yes, there are other pages, but this one is the only one (that I've found) that stays with Mekorama - the others feature uncouth or lewd material intermixed.
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