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Change of Guard

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by nGord, Jan 25, 2021.

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  1. nGord

    nGord Standby Administrator, Retired Moderator Staff Member

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    Jul 21, 2016
    Dear forum members,

    I regret to inform you that @EL797 and I - who have been moderating and maintaining this site for the last while - need to resign for personal reasons. There have been several prior Staff helping as well including: @Frenzies, @Gepeto, @sawdust, @cpw, and @richardfu.

    Going forward there will no longer be any day-to-day oversight of this website. The former Staff will retain their website permissions and may from time to time visit and tend to any issues. The best way to reach a Staff member will still be through the Report system, but patience will be required as it may take days or more for a response.

    Personally, I will be turning off all email notifications including those of any private conversations. To reach me specifically, submit a Report and someone will hopefully eventually email me. The likelihood of my seeing a post/message on this site will be slim.

    So as to decrease workload, permission settings have been relaxed. Fortunately, spammers have for the most part given up trying to register/post to this website. In the future the community will need to take more responsibility to self-regulate.

    All the very best to everyone. May you overflow with creativity and continue having great fun!

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