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Blue Tower

Trick Towers 4

Another tricks level, again.

Trick Towers 4
Blue Tower, Nov 17, 2020
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    • Blue Tower

      This is my favorite level in the Trick Towers series. I can do Boogie Bot Bug now

      Claustrophobia or Low Ceiling, Boogie Bot Bug, SBS, Cancel Tap.

      If you see more tricks, comment please.

      When B goes to two stone cylinders, do cancel tap at the gap in both cylinders, then proceed.
    • Volt
      I'm not use ball:)
    • Rating:
      Lang Tao Jin
      Agree with @Volt
      If B Falling from the 1st stair, I can pass the lvl with 0 ball.
      But intersting and tricky, thanks for sharing!:)
    • Rating:
      But I like the gameplay, and nice Boogie Bot end :giggle:
    • Rating:
      I won without...
      BB...I see where you used it...I used ToA in that zone:sneaky:
      Thanks for sharing @Blue Tower ;)
      Volt likes this.
    • Rating:
      Meko Guy
      Sorry - take away the two annoying tricks (pillar move and BB) and this level didn't have very much. The squat drop move on the pillars (not listed) was the most annoying as it required the trick twice. I needed 20 attempts easy for the first one and almost 50 for the 2nd one - the new cancel tap in the new version of Mekorama may have been a factor but the fun was gone after doing that twice. The BB also not popular for most players but going down is generally easier than up. I also noticed that you provided a recovery point if B landed on the white space but if B did the soft SBS a little too hard, then B could have been stuck on the grass or the sand requiring ToA.
    • Nityam
      I don't understand what to do:cry::cry:
    • Blue Tower
      @Nityam I'll give you some hints.
      Tap on the farthest pillar from B, then tap anywhere.
      Push the ball, then once you pushed it, tap on that ball and do SBS. To do SBS, tap on the stair. Tap on a block then quickly tap on other side of the stone half pillar.
      from the stair in the front of the tower, tap on the next stair.
      Do BB inside the tower. BB is Boogie Bot, to do that you should start from the block near the sided stair, then quickly tap both blocks then B will fall.
      Raise the slider then if you can, tap on the stair and proceed.
      Go to the slider then drag it quickly then tap on the win.

      Hope this helps :);)
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    Trick Towers
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    Blue Tower
    Nov 17, 2020
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