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The Last Tomb: Part III

Help B find the secrets of the last tomb.

The Last Tomb: Part III
JGM, Feb 6, 2018
    • JGM
      I want to thank @delator77 for testing this level before uploading it to the forum and I want to thank @ridgerunner for finding a shortcut.

      I also want to thank @Jose Luis Galiano who inspired me to start this series with his level “Abu Simbel”.

      In this last instalment of “The Last Tomb” series you will need to use following tricks / exploits:



      WARNING: Following the spirit of the series there is some hidden elements in the level. However I believe these elements add difficulty and make the level more fun to play.

      Other instalments in "The Last Tomb" series:

      The Last Tomb
      The Last Tomb: Part II
      The Last Tomb: Part IV
    • Rating:
      Was waiting for u to reupload it. Nice design as well as gameplay, have completed it with both the intended way as well as shortcut. Well done;)
    • JGM
      Many thanks for you comment and review @ADM! :)
      I can't believe I couldn't see the shortcut after testing the level so many times...:rotf:
      ADM likes this.
    • Mse&Csani
      I find the three dragables but I can't pull the second "man" am i miss something?
    • JGM
      @Mse&Csani please read the following spoiler:
      The second man doesn't move as much as the first, it moves just enough to let B access the stairs. If you can't move the second man at all, you may be missing a dragable. Check in the dry and wet areas.
    • Mse&Csani
      @JGM i will. I try to move the dragable which is in front of B but I can't. But I don't give up
    • JGM
      @Mse&Csani if you eventually get frustrated I think this is what you are missing:
      there is a hidden dragable below the left column of the door.
    • Mse&Csani
      @JGM yes i find it :) Now I have to figure that how to get to the win.
    • Rating:
      Fun level although too much hidden things, right? Thanks!
      BTW, the level remember @Jose Luis Galiano, where are you? We miss you... :(
      JGM and delator77 like this.
    • JGM
      @chemi i did write a warning in my first message. This is my approach to mixing mekorama with tomb raider. There has to be some hidden elements and some surprises! :)

      @Mse&Csani if you can't get to the win, maybe the win can get to you...
    • Rating:
      You are wellcome my friend!! This was a very fun searching:sneaky:You must look EVERYWHERE...Nice design and homage to @Jose Luis Galiano and his "Abu Simbel":rolleyes:...Thanks for sharing and great job @JGM ;)
      JGM likes this.
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    Feb 6, 2018
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