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The Dock

The magnetic crane grabbed B by accident, and now the release is jammed. Help the foreman get back to the control room to get B down! (see first comment for updated card)

The Dock
cimarronline, May 2, 2019
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    • cimarronline
      For a more reliable, less noisy experience, use this card instead:

      And for best results, remember that cranes move very slowly...

      As simple as the crane looks, it took me several attempts to find a design that worked. The single, bigger slider is sticky, unfortunately. It helps if you move very slowly, and don't try to force it. I also found that the big slider seems to work better if you're looking directly down the bar (sliding your finger straight up and down on the screen).

      I've enjoyed so many great contributions here in the forum. So I wanted to say thanks by trying to give a little back.
    • Rating:
      Just the right level of difficulty in moving the budgeables makes for a challenging level. One in particular took very carefull manoeuvres. The end was nail biting as R had several spells of dithering before climbing to the top.
    • GFJ
      I managed to get R in front of the stairs of the tower in which the win is located but, although he is one block above the ground, R does not climb up. Is this the right path? If it is, how do I make R climb the stairs?
    • ridgerunner
      @GFJ .climb the stairs? In my win R spun round a few times before climbing. I didn’t do anything else. Same thing happened inside.
    • cimarronline
      @GFJ Sometimes R spins a few times before climbing, but he's always eventually gone up for me. I think that bumping into the tower can make him more likely to get stuck for a while.

      For the cleanest step up the "ladder" at the bottom of the tower, push the boosting block close to the tower but not touching.

      P.S. I just changed the tower a bit to make it quieter, and the climbing seems to work better. Try this one: https://archive.org/download/paul_Dock/Dock2.png
      GFJ likes this.
    • cimarronline
      Thanks @ridgerunner. I guess the foreman is a bit out of shape, and needs to pause and catch his breath...
    • Rating:
      I dropped a star for the hidden and the somewhat messy method (that I used anyway) to get R around the maze. The constant rattling of the motor by the win was very annoying. I did like the concept so thanks for sharing.
    • cimarronline
      You're right, @gmacpro. I couldn't find a way to fit the operator in the crane without the noisy motor. I thought, eh, docks are noisy, right?

      But your comment inspired me to try again, and I came up with this, which is much better:
      (the climbing seems to work better also, for some reason...)
    • gmacpro
      @cimarronline - I had no problem with the mechanism noise (slider) as I induce that but the motor up by the win is locked in metal and will rattle forever.

      I see in your card, that you removed the motor by the win which is what I said - much nicer.
    • GFJ
      @cimarronline Thank you for the tip. The problem was that R kept spinning. The new version works well.
    • Rating:
      Pretty tricky but quite enjoyable puzzle.
    • Rating:
      I like levels with new kinds of gameplay. Thank you this first well designed intension of your work.
    • cimarronline
      Updated the card again, to close a shortcut and improve game play. Link to updated card is the same.
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