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Spell Book

This is a demo for a new kind of adventure ...

Spell Book
    • Meko Guy
      @Valentin - I revisited the downloading of the card as that is my only option to play Mekorama within Memu, a PC Android emulator. The card is downloadable but it required a different method than it normally does to save the card as a png.
    • cimarronline
      @Valentin My son has been happily exploring. But it looks like he found one mistake. In Dungeon Guards, it seems that our hero is missing something!
    • Rating:
      Denis Nazin
      Surely no one has ever done this before!
      Your creativity deserves a non-rating rating much more than 5 stars!!! A LOT!)
      I give the maximum that can be given 5 stars and a “like”. But there is MUCH more than this rating.
      Your work is HUGE!
      But believe me, I really REALLY appreciate all the incredibly great work you did! This is incredible!
      Special thanks for the bonus drawn maps and the general map of the entire area! This is very cool!;):thumbsup::thumbsup:

      P.S. Very IMPORTANT!!
      I strongly recommend that all players play here on the forum - it’s very convenient and fast!

    • Valentin
      @Denis Nazin it’s a shame it is not possible to rate comments. Yours deserves more than 5 stars, for sure !
      I am very pleased that you liked the level. And that you were sensitive about the work behind. I’m flattered :).
      The emoji-intricate-spoilers made my day !
      Thank you so much for playing, rating and commenting.
    • Valentin
      @cimarronline :eek: Its body !!! :eek:
      Where is B’s body ???!!!
      Thank your son for me, I go and fix the level right now …

      EDIT. Problem fixed ! ( :D:DPS) Just go back to the concerned chapter, the link has been renewed :)
    • Denis Nazin
      @Valentin I also, of course, noticed Eye B without a bodyo_O. But I thought this was another creative idea:rolleyes::rotf:: I thought it symbolically shows that B is present and should watch the R-L level (especially since the map of the area shows a question mark). I just got to this point. So today I will continue from this point:sneaky:. Thank you;)

      By the way, I wanted to ask!?
      This card contains a link to the following spoiler:
      876! But judging by the map of the area, this is a dead end. And there is a question mark there. There is nothing in the 876 spoiler. As I understand it, this is a dead end according to the area map. There is nothing further and a very intriguing question mark. It seems to me that in spoiler 876 you can write “to be continued”:sneaky::D;)
      And by the way, I forgot to say that I really liked the lifting mechanism! :thumbsup:Very cool mechanism! Well done.

      All! Now I'm definitely done!!

      All 16 cards. I hope I didn't miss anything!?)
      Must be 16?!
      This is UNREALLY COOL!
      Thank you my dear friend!
      I am delighted!!!
      Because I found a wonderful painting with the final inscription!
      There is a request - please duplicate the final inscription in plain text. Because here on the forum there are a lot of people who use a translator. It is impossible to translate the picture from English with the help of a translator. Therefore, please duplicate the final inscription in simple text. I really want to read it.
      Thaaaaaaaaaaaank youuuuuuuu
    • Valentin
      @Denis Nazin IT NOT A DEAD END … it SHOULD lead to the end of the game !!! :cry::(:confused: It is an error I made in the numbers that you found !!
      So you couldn’t play the 2 last levels, I guess … I fix this right now !
    • Valentin
      @Denis Nazin Bug fixed. Thank you, my friend. I hope not so many people missed the end of the game ??
      I will add the inscription in simple text in every "image spoilers" in a few minutes : very good idea !
      Thank you for your video : your Mekorama looking like mine for a short moment ! I don't know what to say :cool::cool::cool:
    • Denis Nazin
      @Valentin Oh great, I looked at two more cards with a question mark on the area map. I saw the name of the last card and knew it was the end. Thank you!!!
      But, there is a question:
      on the last card with the name of the end there is an intriguing number 814!? I went to spoiler 814, but there’s nothing there? Is this a joke or a mistake?!o_O:);)
    • Valentin
      @Denis Nazin Another error !!! Thank you to be there !
      Wait a few minutes minute before I fix everything :D

      EDIT. I had a mistake : a confusion between the dead end on the top of the tree and the end of the game which is at the dungeon summit ! :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:
      I even forgot to make an image message for when B is on the tree. It will take some more time but from now on, you can read the texts for every image

      EDIT 2. I fixed all the (known!) problems : The message in the clouds, at the top of the tree is new ( and is a dead end). The number after the Dungeon Guards leads to the two last levels of the game. The numbers seen in "The end..." leads to the final text that was before, by my mistake (sorry!), at the top of the tree.

      On my own/draft version of the map, I had a bug !
      It was not so easy to plan the whole game :D

    • Soohaeib Afeef Hosen
      @Valentin, yeah I downloaded 16 and played all and finished 11 of 11 :). A great adventure ;).
    • Valentin
      @Soohaeib Afeef Hosen
      Actually, there are 18 level cards in the game (including the first one, on top of everything, which leads to chapter 1)
      Maybe have you missed the end of the adventure ?
      Because of an error I made in the spoiler-numbers, the 2 last levels were unreachable. But it is fixed now... If I'm right, you can use the "Solution" spoiler to go directly to "The book" ( after "Dungeons Guards") and "The end..." I hope you will have an extra fun with that !)
      Thank you so much for playing (so much!) and your comment.
    • Valentin
      @Denis Nazin I forgot to say : Congratulations ! (I'm sure you went to the very end, now - bug fixed)

      I add this :
      Yesterday, you asked me if one the (old!) problem was a joke of mine :p
      Actually I left a few jokes in the spoilers ( aka. Easter eggs). If you are interested, you can go Nbs. 1000, 1978, 1998 (+...?) and 1999 :D
    • Chris Hester
      Great swinging zappers in Dark Cellars! And Bucket Bottom is such a cool design. I haven't played all the levels yet.

      It reminds me of Monument Valley, where you can enjoy the scenery as you progress.

      This must have taken ages to create! :thumbsup:
    • Rating:
      Chris Hester
      I played through all the cards and got to "The End". Absolutely superb work! This puts our one-level cards to shame. It has upped the quality level we might reach for in our own work. I don't think anyone will beat this as it would take too long!

      My only gripe is that the numbers were a bit hard to read, and change design as you said in the spoiler. I often got them mixed up with similar numbers.

      I found some of the jokes in the Spoilers - like the one in 1998!

      It can only be a 5 star rating. Hey @cimarronline can this be added to a list of the best Mekorama levels?
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    Apr 12, 2024
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