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Karen 2.0

Sinking Holes

Sinking Holes
Karen 2.0, Oct 11, 2021
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    • Karen 2.0
      Attention: I am not sure whether this has tricks or not. There are none that I know of, but there are some interesting moves and I am not sure if they are classified as tricks or not. If they are, please say in the comments.
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      I didn't see anything I'd classify as a trick, just some clever uses Mekorama mechanics.
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      Fun moves around and I think there's one trick.
      Squat Drop maybe? When B is on the stair, his eye got squeezed by the block above so I was able to tap the lower ground beside. Also,when B is pushed in underneath the wedge, I was able to tap the stair in front which B couldn't normally walk onto at the same plane.
    • Meko Guy
      @Karen 2.0 - The opening move sure looks like a momentum move but since you didn't post your solution maybe I did it wrong? The next man hole move uses magnetism also a trick... I also think squat drop was used too. The last man hole wasn't used in my method - btw, I didn't use BB to just lean on to the win.
    • Rating:
      Fun short level. I used all the manholes but was surprised by B being able to step over from the rotatable step to the sand beside the third manhole.
    • MekaSage
      I guess there are moves that function the same way as tricks, as @mastersifu and @Meko Guy mentioned. I feel like it might be useful to distinguish between "levels that include tricks" and "levels that require knowledge of tricks". I think a player with no knowledge of tricks could still pass @Karen 2.0's level because there is a single path through it that makes it clear what the next tap should be.
    • Meko Guy
      I can't see that working. They may fluke in on the first one but I had troubles with the first and even more with the second.
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    • MekaSage
      @Meko Guy - I had some challenges getting through it as well, but I didn't feel like any tricks I know helped me.
    • Karen 2.0
      @MekaSage, @mastersifu, @Meko Guy, @ridgerunner, @delator77, thankyou all so much for commenting and rating! I do not actually know what all the tricks you guys were talking about are, I have not done much research on different tricks and their names, but thankyou all the same! @delator77 thanks so much for the video! I am not sure how to post a video solution myself, so I am glad you made it! The way you solved it was the intended way. Thankyou all for playing!
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      Denis Nazin
      My friend! This is very cool!! An excellent set of non-standard moves, collected on one small level with a lot of concentration. You are an excellent mekorama researcher! I understood this from your first levels. Cool, interesting, educational level!

      As for the tricks - they certainly are. But I am not very good at terminology. Low legs - I don't know what it is called correctly. This is when B crouches (you are being crushed) he can move to a lower block. The first move is inertia and stumbling.
      The second move is definitely a freeze slider! I am researching this effect, here is my demo and the level at which I applied it (you may be interested in this):
      But there is a difference - I pull B with the slider, and you pull B with the rail. But the principle of the effect is the same.
      Loved the way you use the motor BURRS. I don't know if this is a trick or not. I also recently made a whole level - "Burrs", but I did not use the motor. This is great!
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      Pratik Bhalerao
      @Karen 2.0

      First of all, thank you for uploading the card instead of a screenshot!

      Regarding the level, it does has trick and tricky moves
      1. Tricks
        1. Squat Drop
      2. Tricky Moves
        1. Jump from Manhole (Hollow Slider)
        2. Sticky Slider
        3. Eye Stucked Squat Drop (required timing)
        4. Motor Push
        5. Motor Stair Squat Drop
      I enjoyed the level!

      You need to polish your tricks knowledge buddy, keep it up!

      Good going!
    • Karen 2.0
      @Denis Nazin, thanks!! I'm glad you like it. Thanks for the link to the level, I'll check it out :). I have tried your level "Burrs", but I am completely stuck. I am not very good at completing other people's levels. Thankyou for playing, commenting and rating!
    • Karen 2.0
      @Pratik Bhalerao, thankyou for playing! Thanks for the tricks/tricky moves list. I was wondering if you could give me a link to somewhere where I can learn tricks? I would be interested in finding out more about them. Thanks for commenting and rating!
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