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Ray Aznable

SBS Training

to help u training SBS jump

SBS Training
Ray Aznable, Dec 6, 2019
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    • Rating:
      I add one star just for your first level. Total is 5 stars. The level is good but too easy for me.. suitable for beginner..
      If you want upload a level that require any trick, please add a trick-list in comment section as a hint for anybody that got stucked. Since you didn't add trick list, here's some help
      -Springboard stair (SBS)
      -Tripping on air (ToA)
      -Momentum Autopilot
      BUT- that's not a big deal as the level was so easy to figure it out.. For the last step.. I let B got zapped instead of using autopilot trick. B luckily died and touch the win block :p . Thanks :thumbsup: ;)
    • Meko Guy
      Welcome to the forum. The level started out good but I'm not able to get the last move. If it's momentum, then the slider is too slow for me and if it's kill B and roll onto the win - that didn't happen either but with enough attempts or luck - it could happen.
    • Ray Aznable

      very much thank sir.
      i will correct my captions for the posting.
      cuz i still have hard time to link the url from certain level somebody's has to this one.

      actually this one is for practicing to help finish the map made by frince. title : remade

      that zapping thing u said, might be considered as the trick to finish this map sir hehe
    • Ray Aznable
      @Meko Guy

      thanks alot for ur greeting sir.

      I realised the last part isnt enough cuz the slider isnt high enough to give the B strong enough momentum.

      i will do it better in the next posting sir

      thx alot for ur reminder sir.
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    • Ray Aznable
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    Playable Bug/Exploit Levels
    Uploaded By:
    Ray Aznable
    Dec 6, 2019
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