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Ahnaf ZX

Sand Trip

Are B sad without visiting sand trip? B answer: some tricks required

Sand Trip
Ahnaf ZX, Sep 27, 2019
    • Ahnaf ZX
      -Low Celiling
      -B,R,Z Auto Pilots
      -Boogie Bot Bug(Single Trick)
    • Rating:
      I must have won by using a shortcut as i see I didn’t use the third trick- which is not one i would ever use anyway. I did push both balls then moved zbot out the way.
    • Ahnaf ZX
      Thanks for playing @ridgerunner :thumbsup:.but...
      3rd tricks is interesting other player
    • Rating:
      I wanna give 3.5 but there's no option 4 that..... Boogie bot . Disappointing :( otherwise its nice
    • Rating:
      Tricky level, in particular because the headless R’s movements are not always predictable. It is also tricky to get B on top of the headless R. For that reason, the fifth star is smaller than the other four stars. It took me a long time to reach the win but it was fun to explore the various options. In retrospect, the solution is logical.
      I did not have to use boogie bot.
    • ridgerunner
      @GFJ .Sounds like we won the same way.
      autopilot over a raised draggable causing a leap over the empty block onto headlessR.
      GFJ likes this.
    • GFJ
      @ridgerunner No my B did not make any fancy jumps.
      My B stepped onto headless R when R was walking up and down next to the win. To that end, I got B on top of the vertical slider and moved the slider up. B got off in the corner where the ball was initially located. By rotating the rotating piece, I then changed R’s path and R walked past the block where B was waiting. B stepped on R again and hit the win.
      This solution is pretty stable, albeit that B is a bit hesitant to step from the vertical slider onto headless R.
    • ridgerunner
      @GFJ . Yes i saw that autopilot but didn’t see a way to freeze R to make it worthwhile , especially as i had not thought of dropping B off like you did and instead had looked at the redirect/clockwise path for B/r resulting in B getting knocked off. So i like your finish.
    • delator77
      Buff,I read the trick list and comments and...sorry I can't with the most annoying trick for me...Believe me,I prefer ToA:confused:
    • Zedket
      Same with @delator77, I just can't stand to do any complex movement like Boogie Bot Bug.
    • Meko Guy
      Again, I didn't use a lot of the elements in the level however I did give up as headless was unpredictable and even though the path was clear to the win for B on headless, headless turned each time forcing B to get back on headless and I had enough.
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    Ahnaf Ziyad Xperience
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    Ahnaf ZX
    Sep 27, 2019
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