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run roll jump

A harder level with lots of tricks. The hardest trick is right at the start. A repost after fixing a huge shortcut

run roll jump
Sculron, Sep 12, 2018
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    • Sculron
      claustrophobia, autopilot and running, rolling and jumping
      run on or over the ball at the right timing: the ball should move with you on it, and fall down to the lower platform. you should roll with it untill your path is blocked. As mentioned, this is the hardest trick, with possibly many restarts, that's why I put it at the start.
      run off the ball and follow the path using the ball to cross twice. Push the second ball and cross the gap with the first ball
      wait for the first ball to stop, then walk onto it, and tap the lower floor. using the second ball, you should now end up on the lower floor. Didn't work? Simply repeat, no need for restarts
      easiest step: push the ball, and move on
      push the ball atop the stairs to create a reccovery point, should you fall off the level
      the big lift is used as a recovery, should you get stuck on one of the higher blocks. I never had to use it, but you never know. Slide it up to get a better view of the lower ground. Push the ball, returen to the slider and hit the last tile, then quickly move the slider up to autopilot to the higher path
      wait for the rotor tu turn with the flat side (dark side) up, then autopilot to the metal half pillar. You should jump to the lower floor. If you don't succeed, try again. Fell inside the rotor? There's a recovery under the win block
      At the right time, click the block by the win. You should end up next to the win, so simply click on the win. Well done
    • Sculron
      Thx @delator77 for finding the huge shortcut. I hope I fixed it now, an hope no other shortcuts are found :cool:
      Also thank you @ridgerunner for rating the previous version.
      Sorry for the repost
    • Rating:
      Playing again the level(trying to find another huge shortcut:rotf:) I noticed that the first step is really challenging:sneaky:...And I love the Meko-challenges...Thanks for sharing @Sculron ;)
    • R 'oland
      I've tried to manage the first step but failed about 50 times. Very frustrating, so the shortcut helped me to just finish it. Ego polishing... Thanks anyway. I will rate it after finishing the intended way.
    • Rating:
      First step was really random, and going down using the second ball never worked for me, I had to use ToA. Strange level but some how I enjoyed it. Thanks!
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    Sep 12, 2018
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