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Meko Guy

Rs' Rail Leap

No tricks for B but the Rs will need one trick – see sample card below

Rs' Rail Leap
Meko Guy, Oct 12, 2021
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    • Meko Guy
      Auto pilot (as P walks down stairs onto a lift, lower lift and P will leap)

      Auto pilot (as Z walks down stairs, move B and Z will leap)
      - You need to get Z out to drop two balls
      - To do this, B and P can help
      - B redirects Z
      - P helps B out
      - P helps Z out
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      I didn't use the slider to send B up to the stone pillar so my start was a lot shorter. I couldn't see the way to get Z across initially and I thought the wedge above the stone pillars had a purpose until I read again the title. Thanks for sharing.
    • Rating:
      My start was also about a minute shorter as i simply went straight to the situation at 1:22. The rest of my gameplay differed quite a lot also. I used a different combination of bots to get the high ball and used a timed block between the two rbots to get the correct bot onto the step/step/step line of steps in preparation for the finish. I liked the level but I didn’t like the Z move to get the star.
    • Meko Guy
      @ridgerunner - Wow - I thought the game play was pretty one way... I can see going straight to 1:22 but how did B get out after Z mounted P?

      EDIT - The lower ball?
    • Meko Guy
      @mastersifu - How did you get B in? Let me guess, the ball under the ball above? If so, what about when Z hits the ball above?
    • ridgerunner
      @Meko Guy . No. B never went in! Simply let Z walk onto raised step draggable, then lower and Z steps onto the flat block of draggable. Under 10 seconds.
    • Meko Guy
      @ridgerunner - I see - you used the move against me or I'll rephrase, my last minute change wasn't seen by me and you seen it. The second set of stairs wasn't there during the build. The first one was there to prevent Z from falling off P as P walked off - happened periodically. During the build, there was one trick (low ceiling) I wanted it gone - changed the underside of that lift and added the stairs and missed it. Good for you and thanks for playing, commenting and rating.
    • mastersifu
    • Meko Guy
      @mastersifu - Thanks - I figured so since I missed that completely. I need to stop these last minute changes....
    • Rating:
      Although my was was very different,specially the laps you take with P around the level (I have never used it) or who pushes the ball higher (in my case P on top of Z) the gameplay was very clever & as I did not use any trick I am really happy about my solution :D thanks for sharing @Meko Guy ;)
    • Meko Guy
      @delator77 - How did you get the star on the rail?
    • Meko Guy
      @delator77 - I considered that move a R trick - R auto pilot just like if B did it - that's why I wondered how you did it without tricks. Thanks for P, C and R.
    • delator77
      @Meko Guy Ahh,ok... now I understand your question... yes,maybe is a R trick...
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    Oct 12, 2021
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