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Red Brick Home 2

If it gets boring then you are doing it wrong.

Red Brick Home 2
Random, Jun 2, 2020
    • Rating:
      You have done a good job blocking off the R wins , leaving a very average B win. But your attention to detail and comprehension of alternative wins bodes well for future levels.
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    • D.S.Masters
      If you're going to modify a level to fix something, when you upload it you're supposed to delete the previous version, unless the modified version is included in the comments of the original version.
    • Don G Rowe
      There is now only one win that I could execute. So now if headless B tries to go through the brick house, he gets zapped by a hidden zapper. To avoid that zapper he has to walk around the outside of the house ... so that can get zapped to fall on the win. That kind of design always strikes me as being pretty pointless ... If a zapped B solution is what you want, why not just put the win block inside the house next to the hidden zapper and be done with it? :rolleyes:
    • Random
      @Don G Rowe the point is that there are other things that you can try and you have got to work out which one works.
    • cimarronline
      @Don G Rowe Ha ha, I see your point. Though, as I recall, you've used a hidden zapper once or twice (inspiring my tribute).

      @Random I thought the point was that death is unavoidable...

      (Though it would be avoidable if I could just get that headless B to do a TOA!)
    • Don G Rowe
      @cimarronline Yes, but my hidden zappers are there to discourage you from trying what looks like a short or easy win. None of my levels have B needing to avoid one zapper in order to get zapped by another one to win. ;)
    • cimarronline
      For @Don G Rowe, who hates having to kill B. Where there's a will there's a way...


      Get B up near the moving slider to the final tower. Tap past it as it's going up, to get B to leap, and do a mid-air tap on the slider on the smaller stone house to get B up on that. Then tap on the stone block next to the slider and quickly pull it away, so B starts to fall into the opening, and then quickly move the slider back to knock B into the win area. B has cheated death once again!
    • Don G Rowe
    • Random
      @cimarronline well if B is that good at it then I think he deserves to live, so I won't make a v3 that kills him again.
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    Jun 2, 2020
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