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cool guy


Remade and changed, once again thanks for all the nice feedback on the previuos version(s) :-)

cool guy, Oct 27, 2017
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    • gmacpro
      Rather disappointing on this one and I'm finished trying as after 3 remakes and it still isn't fully stable. I tried more than 20 times but the B push ball doesn't have enough speed due to hitting the wall. If there is something blocking that ball then it's too hidden for me.
    • cool guy
      @gmacpro See the solution below :)

      You are not supposed to push the ball into the hole (in the wall), your are supposed to throw the ball over the hole (by using the draggebale). By using the the curved wall it will land in the hole and you will be able to get to the finish.

      Sorry for not making it obvius enugh, hope you can finish the level with the solution :rotf::thumbsup:
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    • Rating:
      I never considered doing that as the ball appeared to go towards the win with a wedge but just never had enough speed. I figured, B push ball before the other as sometimes, the other would go past the hole towards the corner. After 11 tries, B made the win and luck was a factor. Nice looking level just hard game play. Thanks for the hint.
    • cool guy
      I am glad to help, i did design the level so it would be quite hard. I am happy that you liked the level (even if it was hard) and thanks for the really good rating :rotf::thumbsup:
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    • Rating:
      Jajaja,you fooled me with that ball and that hole:rotf:....need to read the hint:(....very nice ability/timing level with a great design:cool:!! Thanks for sharing and excellent job @cool guy ;)
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    • cool guy
      @delator77 I am glad you liked it, thanks for the really nice rating and feedback :rotf::thumbsup:
    • Rating:
      Lianne Malone
      As @gmacpro said. Finally won through sheer determination.
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    cool guy
    Oct 27, 2017
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