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Pharaohs Litter

Pure Timing

Pharaohs Litter
Death, Feb 19, 2018
    • Rating:
      Don G Rowe
      Cute idea plagued with instability. Would be more controllable (and enjoyable) if you placed the draggables underneath the Rs, so you could freeze them and then lift up for the turns. See if that works, and while you're at it, you gotta find a way to get B on the litter so the Rs have to carry him around. :D
    • Death
      @Don G Rowe You can freeze the Rs and get B on top. (This would be a terrible design if you couldn't!)

      Simply freeze the Rs the same way you would if they were standing on the sliders, by holding the blocks then sliding them once the Rs are in position. The surround design is so that while the Rs are frozen (or freely spinning) you can recenter the platform at each corner because it will drift slightly.

      PS All four Rs will walk out the gates if you make a perfect dismount.
    • gmacpro
      Neat idea but Very unstable - I got to the third corner once and said, it would be nice if B was on the platform. I tried and tried and tried - out of 15 attempts, I got a good tap on the platform once but the Rs didn't even make the corner so it wasn't me. :(
    • Death
      @Don G Rowe I played around with different designs today. The main problem is realigning the 'litter'. So when I took away the supports from the bottom I need to add them to the top.

      Version 2 lifts the Rs, but doesn't isolate them entirely since I would've had to rebuild the entire level. I decided not to do that.

      Version 3 is where I rebuilt the entire level anyway. This design freezes and/or lifts one R per draggable.

      (To be honest I don't think either of these are more stable but then again I found the first version a cake walk before I finished the design.)
    • gmacpro
      I would never post a level that wasn't STABLE.
    • Don G Rowe
      @Death Took a look at your others and tried to put a few configurations of my own together, and your original design turned out the most stable of all of them. Which is too bad. This might be a case where this can be used as a short section of a level, rather than a complete design on It's own.
    • Death
      Umm, good for you? The first one is stable, see the video. Timing is the only skill you need. The others aren't levels hence me putting them in a comment, not launching them as proper levels. Stop nagging me with your whiner attitude while being PAINFULLY oblivious to obvious to simple observations. Those are for Don G Rowe because of his comment that's why I addressed it to him, if you don't like them: don't play them! In a previous level you made a comment that reading optional material gave you a headache, don't read it! I'm not forcing you to do anything so if you're only going to complain then stop doing it! (No one should need to explain this to you.)

      Another obvious point that I doubt you'll catch is that there is no question that expects an answer here. The take away is stop nagging people, I don't care why you do it, just stop. Have a good day!
    • gmacpro
      @Death -
      You'll not receive another comment from me.
    • Don G Rowe
      @Death I think some clarification is needed here. The term "stability" means that I should be able to execute the exact same actions and get the exact same result every time I play the level.

      I'll use a ball knockdown as an example. Every time B hits the ball straight on (instead of grazing it from a right or left angle), does the ball always fall in the same way and end up in the same place? If the answer is "Yes" the level is stable. If the answer is "No", the level has "instability."

      In this level, the litter itself always drifts, even when you get the timing right, and it does so in different ways. Your own video shows this, as you had to adjust its position several times, and were fortunate enough to be able to do it and make it through to the end. So it's timing and luck to make it through. That's the essence of what is meant by "instability."

      Doesn't mean I don't like the concept. I liked it so much I tried over 30 times and never got all the way to the end. I thought B would be able to climb on if you got the litter all the way around. I totally missed the lightning tap needed to get B on board at the start (which is a different species of annoyance that I would recommend avoiding in the future if you can). ;)
      gmacpro likes this.
    • Death
      @Don G Rowe I've enjoyed this debate and understand your terminology. I agree that this is a difficult concept to execute. However I've now played this level on 5 different devices, I'm able to win every time. (Ok, I flub the timing when I lift the draggables once in a while, but that's my fault.) To borrow some of your friendly words: with the same actions I am to produce the same results. This brings me back to technique. Technique is what produces the instability we've all experienced or the repeatability I'm hoping to teach you.

      If a user hits the ball at an angle in your analogy, does that make the level unstable? Of course not, it's the user's method that needs improvement. So I'll share my steps. When the Rs reach their marks I gently lift the draggable cradle until all the Rs are clear. (Sometimes heads get stuck, keep lifting. If they're really stuck give the cradle a small giggle, they always drop free.) Next I make sure the litter is recentered with a quick up-down that gets the platform airborne for a moment. The rest is straight forward: lower the litter onto the Rs, release the cradle at the right height to turn everybody, quickly drop the cradle down and prepare to do it again.

      The only drift I see with these steps is slight and always towards the back of the group. Occasionally an R walks with a list, don't panic, the others will pick up the slack until you can reset on the next turn.

      If you attempt my technique and still disagree ... I'll ask if you're playing on an Apple device. (I don't have one of those to test the level on.) Beyond that, I'll let the conversation end with differing opinions. No sense beating this horse to Death. :rotf:

      PS I hadn't perfected this technique when I made the video, so let me know if you want to see it rather than read it. A new video won't take long to make.
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