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Parkour and Freeruninng There are two routes to start 1) Long but easy 2) Short but hard (Timing) Have fun. Happy free running Enjoy

HaseebDemon, Dec 16, 2019
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    • HaseebDemon
      1) Ball Traverse
      2) Squat drop ( When B is pushed down. Tap on lower ground B will go there)
      3) SBS ( 2nd Variation)
    • Rating:
      Meko Guy
      Definitely not a fan of precision and the longer route seems like you better roll off the 1st ball well or you are stranded. The shorter route wasn't even close.

      EDIT - After I seen your trick list, I tried again and got the short route on my 2nd go. I would also think that there was an auto pilot on the long route in order to get B on the lower grass? :unsure:
    • Rating:
      I found the description confusing. I could only see one way to get B to the third ball but thereafter there was a choice of paths, one direct and do nothing and the other fun jumping.
    • Rating:
      I like this kind of levels....Thanks for sharing @HaseebDemon ;)
    • HaseebDemon
      @Meko Guy @delator77 @ridgerunner

      Here are the images - Let me know if something is done in a different way.

      I don't think so there is autopilot maybe I'm missing it. all I think is the ball traverse and squat drops

      It was fun btw creating this level :D Thanks
    • Meko Guy
      @HaseebDemon - I did both routes different.
      Here's my long - auto pilot is off the ball onto the surface below:
      Here's the short:
      The straight line is because B rode the ball all the way across. [​IMG]
    • Rating:
      Good :thumbsup:
    • Meko Guy
      @HaseebDemon - You do have auto pilot in both versions long and short.
    • HaseebDemon
      Sorry I forgot to Thanks everyone who played the level xD
      Thanks For P, C, and R @Źàiď @Meko Guy @delator77 @ridgerunner

      @Meko Guy
      I got the short one riding the ball myself when I gave this level to my brother to play this. yeah, I missed that short one but I'm not getting the Long route of yours. what after you fall off on the surface then how you'll get there down by just not getting zapped too? I'm not getting it

      Also, I'm confused b/w autopilot and ball traverse wheres the autopilot move in my version? Since b is only just following the way where the ball is filling the gaps and this is just like ball traverse maybe I can be wrong. clear me if I'm mistaken. so I could improve this in my next levels.

      Pretty happy too this level is going by the name "Parkour" Since now there are 4 routes xD
    • Meko Guy
      @HaseebDemon - Here's my opening move - not easy but if B catches the ball right, then all is good.

      Ball Traverse to me is when B rides the ball like this:

      This one is auto pilot and this is what I thinking you used in both versions?
    • HaseebDemon

      About the confusion of Ball Traverse & Autopilot:

      @Meko Guy, Maybe I'm confused b/w autopilot and the ball traverse but
      Look at this post As @Don G Rowe Mentioned this trick as a "Ball Traverse" Not by the autopilot

      also, I think so this is ball traverse and the B riding the ball is not "Ball Traverse"

      As you can see in this demo created by @retrograde
      As he mentioned B riding the ball trick as "Ball Rider" Not Ball traverse

      Hope this clears out :)

      About the routes, you used to win at this level:
      Nice, this happened with me sometimes but I taught this is just like a B thing like speeding up and falling off on the ground. A nice clever way used to win.
    • Meko Guy
      @HaseebDemon - I can give you other links from other players who are saying differently about 'Ball Traverse'....

      According to Google, the meaning of Traverse is 'travel across or through'. Here's my thinking, if B is travelling across a rolling ball (perpendicular) then B is traversing over a ball but if the ball is gone then it's auto pilot. In the latter, the ball made the route but wasn't used to traverse.
    • HaseebDemon
      @Meko Guy Hmm maybe everyone needs to clear out this confusion. But as far as I learned I taught this trick is called "Ball Traverse". I'll post about this will clear it out.

      I also saw some tricks with different names thought this forum but they are reffering to same trick. Which is confusing
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