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My Turn Now Remake

Autopilot needed

My Turn Now Remake
AngelPon, Dec 5, 2018
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    • Rating:
      I assume you wanted us to use auto pilot even though you didn't provide any hints that you implemented a trick(s). As a new creator here, we are at a disadvantage as we don't know if you do tricks or not. We don't like to complete your level with tricks if that isn't the intended way as that would be unfair to you. Are tricks required?
      Auto pilot onto the slider with the stone pillar stop, auto pilot / bump onto the stone row, auto pilot off the far end onto the grass, go to win. Right?
    • Rating:
      Odd level. Can see two ways to win, one of which uses two autopilots.
    • Rating:
      An easy one...Thanks for sharing @AngelPon ;)Btw,can you put the tricks needed in a spoiler?:rolleyes:
    • gmacpro
      @ridgerunner - I won with 3 auto pilots but I can also win without auto pilot. I'm waiting for @AngelPon's reply before showing the alternative wins.
    • AngelPon
      @gmacpro tricks are required.Next time i will mention that tricks are enabled thanks :)
      gmacpro likes this.
    • AngelPon
      @gmacpro the way that i won was the same way that you mentioned in the spoiler above but i would love to see the other possible ways to win thankss :D
    • Rating:
      R 'oland
      Way too easy for me, thanks for sharing. That level motivated me to revisit the fun "My turn now" from Starpenguin.
    • gmacpro
      @AngelPon - I'd be glad to show you other ways to win - they all require tricks but when you implement tricks then all tricks are fair game IMO.

      Okay, instead of the 1st auto pilot, one can use
      Stairs Side Step (SSS)
      - With B on the stairs
      - Tap at the bottom of the stairs
      - Then quickly tap to the side
      - If done right, B will step sideways

      Next, instead of the last auto pilot, one can use
      Trip on Air (ToA)
      - With B facing an edge (drop off)
      - With at least 3 squares to the drop off (ToA can be done in less steps but it's harder)
      - Tap the end square and just before B steps on that square, tap it again
      - If done right, B will trip and fall or trip on air
      - The trick can be much easier to complete if the end square has a rounded corner (like pillar, half pillar) or are stairs
      - Creators who implement this trick should use a rounded corner or stairs to help with the move
      - Creators who don't implement the trick should guard from this trick, placing a wedge or a wall or a rail can stop the trick
    • Rating:
      Nice but a bit easy.
    • Jom
      It may be a bit hit and miss, but I just
      [stood B in front of the first slider, then gave him a little push to get over the ditch. It only took 5 or 6 goes to get the push right][then, trying to do SSS, not really knowing how, I managed to jump B from the main stairs near the slider on the rail, straight over the ditch onto the grass.]
    • gmacpro
      @Jom - How to do a SSS is within my spoiler...
      Jom likes this.
    • Jom
      @gmacpro thanks, yes that's what made me try it. I'm not very good at getting the timing right but I will keep practicing, :)
      gmacpro likes this.
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