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Denis Nazin


This is a FUN little and non-standard gameplay level. I think you will be FUN) good luck friends

Denis Nazin, Jan 13, 2022
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    • Denis Nazin
      This is a FUN little and non-standard gameplay level. I think you will be FUN) good luck friends.

      This is a non-standard "B", so I don't know if it's an autopilot or not?!)) Therefore, just in case, I'll say that there may be an autopilot.
      Pay attention to the red bricks!! I made them for you to help.
    • Rating:
      97 NinetySeven
      Interestingly tall (and stable) “B” design. The tunnel action was pretty cool as well.
      I started off with a launch attack
      Enjoyable level
    • Rating:
      Great combination of the three different challenges. Left the middle star to the end and was wondering whether it might also be a toss into the air then i found the clever way of capturing it. Liked it.
      I had B starting from the opposite direction for the high star and it was amazing how far I could throw B with the wrong timing.
    • Denis Nazin
      @ridgerunner Yes, yes, yes!)) You can very easily throw B (like a stick) out of sight:rotf::rotf:))). I really like how the B-stick spins in the air:D).
      You are absolutely right - you can throw B on the upper platform of the mousetrap where the middle star is. And by the way, B very easily falls from this platform during inertial motion. I'm happy that you had fun at my level. Thank you very much!!;)
    • Denis Nazin
      @97 NinetySeven
      My dear friend, I'm very happy that you played my level:D! It's a fun and original level - I'm really glad you liked it. You are absolutely right - B with a long head is very stable. Even if you put it on the floor - when moving, it very quickly restores balance. Thank you very much!
    • Rating:
      Jajaja,that was very fun... loved the super tall B :cool:... I was curious about the highest star & my way was just the opposite,I mean,a kind of autopilot but tapping the other red brick :sneaky:... спасибо @Denis Nazin ;)
    • Denis Nazin
      I'm very, VERY SO glad you liked it and had fun:D! thank you very much;)
    • Rating:
      Finally I can reach the highest star. Very nice design. The high P that goes into the hole reminds me of @mastersifu's level.
    • Denis Nazin
      More thanks my friend. I'm happy that you won and that you liked it. Yes, I certainly remember @mastersifu's levels. He did several levels with high heads R. They filed with him and did not get up))). But I decided to do with B. B is amazingly stable!!! I liked it.

      I really like how B flies up to a high star. Reminds me of a propeller))
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    Denis Nazin
    Jan 13, 2022
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