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Medium/Hard. No exploits. Adventure/timing. Yellow bot starts in opposite corner.

Polyglot, Apr 29, 2021
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    • Polyglot

    • Polyglot
      Time the release of the drawbridge so a blue bot falls

      Do not pull dragables too far
    • Meko Guy
      @Polyglot - At first glance the level appears to be a zapper dodging one which isn't my favourite :(

      EDIT - Even worse - couple zapper dodging with some hidden :( - levels can be hard enough without any hidden.
    • Rating:
      Meko Guy
      Not my kind of level but I gave it a go. The R move was the only thing I liked. You can keep the zapper dodging and the hidden. Not sure why the whole level was so high? The zappers down below were pointless because if B falls then it is a restart anyway. The opening didn't fit with the middle and the ending - disjointed? It's like you didn't know what to do there so added in just something just to have more.

      EDIT - Forgot to mention that it took easily 20 attempts to get past the zappers opening and then missed the hidden R so stuff like that just doesn't sit well.
    • Polyglot
      @Meko Guy

      Thanks for the feedback. I put the zappers below as a visual hint that something about the bridge was unsafe, also there is a zapper just below the elevator going down the "tower". If the player drags the platform one level too far down B gets zapped. I basically threw together some mechanics ideas I wanted to test.
    • Rating:
      I liked your level segmented in "chapters". Requiring precision, timing and logic.
      The design is cool. Don't worry, some people will like your drawing of a mad world full of zappers :thumbsup:
      ( and I had to look at the walkthrough to understand the last move. Was I stupid ! :rotf:)
    • Meko Guy
      @Valentin - I still haven't looked at the walk-thru nor the tips and I was able to complete it.
    • Rating:
      I like how you need to make one zapper fall so you can proceed to the bridge!

      I like your mechanisms!

      I also like the puzzle-like last part of this level!
    • Rating:
      Pratik Bhalerao
      That was nice.
      Took many attempts.

      I don't understand..
      What was R doing there?
      Why Zappers below Ls in Water?

      Slightly tight timing and little logic.
      Liked the Win machine.
      Nice drop zL and get hidden mR idea.
    • Polyglot
    • Rating:
    • Valentin
      @P_simorf You can reach the bridge without having to make a zapper fall !
      ( by the way, how did you do that ? o_O)

      @Meko Guy You're such a genius, man
    • Meko Guy
      @Pratik Bhalerao -
      If you didn't use R then did you auto pilot?
    • Pratik Bhalerao
      @Meko Guy

      I mean that R, which was visible and walking idly.
    • Meko Guy
      @Pratik Bhalerao - That's the only R that I seen. If you didn't use R, how did you win?
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    Apr 29, 2021
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