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Look inside

The level within.

Look inside
Azza, Mar 25, 2020
    • Azza
      Low ceiling is used to add difficulty.
      Is zapper walking a trick?
      The walls may help some balls fall correctly.
    • Meko Guy
      @Azza -
      YES it's a trick:eek:
    • Rating:
      Meko Guy
      I can't rate higher than 3 stars for a few reasons. All the balls were unstable. The two balls on the lower level rested on the white space and R needed to walk over both. One was worse than the other as the wedge off set the ball more. The upper ball stopped short the first two attempts. Not a fan of the hidden plus all the water PLUS ZAPPER WALKING especially so late in the level. If B stops on the ball - B dies... My B did die on my 1st attempt and got it on my next but I wasn't going to play it again as I wasn't enjoying it.
    • Rating:
      2 stars. 1 is for a thank you for not putting in a " one tap win" concept and 2, by not putting a free draggable. anything else, the blurring using the water inside a shadowy platform makes it hard for the player to do this thing.
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    Mar 25, 2020
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