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Long Way 'Round

A puzzle on every side, they get harder and more interlocked as you go. This is intended to be hard but not impossible logic level, no exploits. All door thresholds are color coded / block matched (nothing hidden). (This is a new version from yesterday's but not a new puzzle.)

Long Way 'Round
Death, Feb 18, 2018
    • Death
      Thanks for the rating!
      Which ball rolled away on you? I was finally able to watch Don G Rowe's Design Lesson exploit video, now I know exactly what autopilot you referred to, it doesn't bypass anything hard. So I'll leave it.

      There should only be 2 red herrings:

      • *The ball on side 2 crammed into the corner. I just like watching B get smooshed. This ball will either go nowhere or roll away.
        *Most of the traffic, but I consider that one big red herring.
    • Death
      @gmacpro Interesting, the ball on side 3 stays put for me almost every time, in the future I'll block all for sides.

      Arrgh! I see why you think R has no use. I downloaded my level and played it that way, I think Mekostudio (or the way I used it) removed a block. This happened on my level Cistern as well. That two piece slider shouldn't reach B.
      B should be stuck on the stone pillar at the entrance to side 4. You then block R near the zapper forcing him onto the roof. He walks over both rooftop rotors, entering traffic with the 1x3 vertical slider. Now just get R to the win.
      I'm done. I give up!
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