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Downy Ji

Korean Hangul 1

It was made in commemoration of Hangul Day on October 9.

Korean Hangul 1
Downy Ji, Oct 9, 2021
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    • Denis Nazin
      Hello Friend. I am very sorry that your class level is not being evaluated. I really like him. But! There are several drawbacks due to which the level is incomprehensible and impassable.
      1) You have a shortcut where the route is lost and three routes appear. Consequently, the player is lost: why did they build the rest. One rail (stick) eliminates this shortcut (you can think of another solution).
      2) The mill is not working correctly! On one side, it knocks B over, and you have to reboot and start over. On the other hand, she doesn't push B enough to move to the last character.
      3) The edges of the rotating objects are gripping a lot, but I can't fix it. This is inconvenient, but does not affect the result.
      Here is the card that I changed a little.
      I was able to pass - an impassable place. But I used a tricky trick.

      I think your map with minor fixes (if you want to use the fixes) deserves - 5).
    • Downy Ji
      @Denis Nazin Thank you for your comment. I didn't recognize the shortcut while modifying the level. The mill works as I intended. When moving from the mill to the next compartment, you have to use square to push B further. At this time, If you want to B doesn't fall you have to hold the automatic moving device of the next compartment.
    • Denis Nazin
      @Downy Ji
      My friend, I made a video specially for you.

      0:09 - shortcut
      (but I passed your level completely!)
      0:41 - I found the exact time when you can slip the propeller, but if the player completes your level completely, it will be very disappointing to fall almost at the end! Therefore, players can refuse to replay. ..as a rule, such elements are placed closer to the beginning, at the end they are very frustrating for the players, and the player leaves the level unfinished.
      0:57 - I've always used square! But it doesn't work! For all my attempts - never succeeded! Record a video of how you do it ??? I do not understand!
      ..1:39 is a trick I came up with specifically for your level!)). This is the only way I can win. But no one else knows this trick.
      Therefore, I consider this place impassable, and it seems to me better to make the adjustments that I suggested to you.
      I'm sorry that no one plays this very cool level. ..I explained to you why. I really want to help you! to make your level playable.
    • Denis Nazin
      On the map where I made the changes, I blocked the shortcut. And made passable the place because of which the players do not play your level. Please forgive me! I am not criticizing! I liked your level and I want to give you some advice on how to make it accessible. I really want to help you.;)
    • Denis Nazin
      @Downy Ji
      Thank you very much for your video! I understood what you are doing - you press the slider with the ladder in the direction of B. I tested it - did exactly the same as you. My result is one out of ten. Sorry my friend - this is very unstable for me. Let someone else try it. Unfortunately, I can't, even with your motodom :(. Sorry.

      But thanks to your level, I found a new trick:sneaky:. I've already made a demo:D
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    Downy Ji
    Oct 9, 2021
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