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Jason Kung

Killing Factory

Hi! This is my first creation of Mekorama levels, so you are welcome to try it out and let me know if you faced problems on solving it! This level is guaranteed to be solvable

Killing Factory
Jason Kung, Jan 12, 2020
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    • Meko Guy
      Welcome to the forum. I gave your level a go and didn't win as I only tried once. The upper dual rotor knock B off so I quit - not my type of level.
    • Jason Kung
      Hi, I thought I have problem on the QR code, but looks like still good to go. Actually the lower rotor is for kicking B to a lower platform that only contains the Win, if you noticed that. Thanks for trying
    • Meko Guy
      @Jason Kung - The QR code was a problem - too small. I zoomed in 6 x to get it. You can avoid players zooming in by using MekoStudio.com 'Customizer' and Optimize the QR code to full size card
    • GFJ
      I managed to hit the win but I would be surprised if my solution is the designed solution.
      After numerous attempts,I managed to make B step off the elevator and go across to the other side of the structure without getting swept off the slider by the rotating arm. At that point, B was stuck, so I focused on the Zs above the win. I managed to push one of the Zs down to the platform where the win is located and that Z walked to the win. In other words, I did not move B at all.
      If my solution is the designed solution, I give three stars for a very deceptive level. If there is a more “regular” solution, I cannot award any stars because I cannot complete the level.
    • Don G Rowe
      Hi and welcome to the forum. First levels very often feature:
      1. Large scale
      2. Windmill Obstacles
      3. Automatic sliders
      4. Lots of zappers/Zapper R bots (ZR)
      And your level absolutely checks all those boxes. But since you placed the win block in the outer corner of the lower platform, all you need to do is knock one of the ZR bots down from above and it will walk to the win without ever having to move B.

      Moving the win block to one of the inner rows would make winning with that approach impossible (or much more difficult) since Rs only turn right.
    • Jason Kung
      Hi all, sorry for the delayed reply. It requires a lot of patience to win this and I understand it could be quite hard to win. Of course, the regular way is to let B go through all the challenges and let the lower rotor kicks B to the Win Platform, while the shortcut way is to kick the ZRs to the Win platform, but it could be quite depending on luck too. Will revise the designs again for future levels.
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