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Master Author

It's Turn Time

bots can turn, depending on the direction..only a bit logic level..Hope you enjoy(SPOILER ON THE COMMENT)

It's Turn Time
Master Author, Mar 25, 2020
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    • Master Author
      -Push ball bump

      You will need to use this trick.Because if you don't,you will be trapped..

      -Just simply tap the floor and once you push the ball.Tap the next floor quickly,to get pass on the trapped..

      See the Caption,if you need the Solution Video:)
    • Rating:
      Ray Aznable
      medium friendly level for beginners.

      done it quick in first attempt.

      thanks for sharing.
    • Ray Aznable
      tricky one is when pushing ball while stand on a ball.
      need to push that ball not just standing still on a ball, or else B will stuck,
      must do multiple times headpushing,
      move backforward,
      tap behind, tap ball, tap behind, tap ball,
      untill the ball is dropped.
    • Rating:
      Nice fun little puzzle, :thumbsup::D.
      I fell into a couple of traps by not thinking ahead, but managed to get there after a few attempts. I didn't have a problem with B getting stuck on the ball, (after the first time!)

      Nice one, thank you.
    • Rating:
      I also fell for the ball trap , bit things like that stop the level from being too easy.
    • Rating:
      Very enjoyable level.
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    Mar 25, 2020
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