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It Can't Be

Double-taps technique applied on Red brick.

It Can't Be
935, Jun 17, 2020
Ray Aznable likes this.
    • Ray Aznable
      another method to trigger
      spirit mode...

      thanks for always sharing
      magicful tricks, shifu @935
    • 935
      Double-taps using in spirit mode.

    • Ray Aznable
      tbh shifu @935
      if i may express my feeling
      toward china, i hate Xi Jinping

      but he is only one person, an ocnum,
      then somebody in here
      reminding me not to generalize
      people become all bad...

      then u appear with ur unique tricks,
      i grow to like china,
      also, I found a sister,
      who has unique youtube channel.
      showing how life could be also
      wonderful without technology.
      she work in farm yet still pretty.
      teaching that life is priceless
      money isnt everything,
      still, everything come from process
      must be dilligent.
    • Jom
      @935 I know it's fun to have lots of new levels, but you have been on the forum long enough to know that we should not pile in too many at once, ;):(:thumbsup:! Just a 2 at a time maybe!
    • 935
      Sorry……now I know it……
      Jom likes this.
    • 935
      @Ray Aznable

      China has one-fifth of the world’s population. Li Ziqi’s video looks like Vietnam. Guangzhou and Beijing, where I live and work, will look more like Japan, and some small towns maybe look like Africa.

      We generally don’t discuss politics in non-Chinese networks, because we can hardly receive truly neutral news about China on the Internet. China is quite safe. After the epidemic, you are welcome to take a look at it with your own eyes. Maybe you will feel differently.

      As far as I know, the vast majority of Chinese are quite satisfied with the current government. Even if they are dissatisfied, they still want to improve rather than overthrow the government's rule.
    • EL797
      @Ray Aznable Why do you express your politics in a level's comment section? It is not appropriate.
    • Ray Aznable

      "non neutral review from outside",
      ofc, moreover there is economic
      competition, other country will
      relentlessly make bad propaganda.

      good to hear that,
      key of a country could grow bigger
      is everyone should respect,
      and cooperating each other.
      proven by how big your country now...

      talking about epidemic,
      is out of my capability,
      thats why i didnt mention it.
      cuz if we search who should take the blame,
      china themselve is also victim from other
      ocnum group. wont discuss it more
      specifically in here...
    • Ray Aznable
      :eek: have deleted that right away
      after u warn me. thanks anyway,
      but pls dont mention it again in here.
    • EL797
      Deleted message
    • Ray Aznable
      thanks for deleting ur massage
      mentioning about my sensitive
      topic :thumbsup:
    • EL797
      Deleted message
    • 935
    • EL797
      Very unstable trick. :mad:
    • Ray Aznable
      the first fall 100% trigger B into spirit.
      how its not stable?
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