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Home tour

Food is in the kitchen! No tricks.

Home tour
NewB, Jun 10, 2021 at 12:49 PM
Denis Nazin likes this.
    • NewB
      I hope the qr code works this time :cry:
    • Mekob123
      @NewB - Why you deleted previous level but you can just zoom the QR code?
    • Rating:
      Meko Guy
      Thanks for fixing the QR code.

      This level was very large for the amount of game play. Entertaining but on the easy side. Thanks for sharing
    • Rating:
      Nice design!
    • NewB
      @Mekob123 I was nor able to edit media, so i re uploaded instead
    • NewB
      @Meko Guy Thanks for playing and rating! Yeah, wanted to make it a fun one. Also, i was trying to put a rotating slab for taking B to the top left room from the top right, but couldn't figure out a way to trigger the rotation using R :( so i just put a ball push instead.. Any ideas as to how something like that can be done?
    • Meko Guy
      @NewB - I worked on a rotating slab that had a motor and block holding it from spinning. Dropping a ball would push the motor and block over one block and then the slab could turn. The slab caused a lot of rattling noise so wasn't very good to hear and your clean design with a ball drop looked better. So no quick easy way make that design.
    • NewB
      @Meko Guy yes mine was noisy as well so i let go
    • Rating:
      Nice level but I wonder why the budgeable at the garden just fall off when B is standing beside of it. Not even pushing it. Thanks for sharing @NewB
    • Rating:
      Denis Nazin
      Hello. In my opinion, your level does not deserve such a low rating! I disagree and will now explain:
      1) Presentation!
      Beautiful and thoughtful design.
      1 room - a sofa with armchairs and a fan on the ceiling, 2 room - a computer table and an armchair, 3 room - a bed with a pouf, 4 room a dining table with a pouf. The door on the second floor, windows, fan, balcony railings - all these details could not have been done, but the author wanted the players to enjoy the realistic layout and atmosphere of the level! Maybe someone doesn't notice it. I personally really appreciate it !!
      2) The level is divided into two locations - a green garden with a labyrinth and plants, and a two-level house with 4 rooms! This creates the scale and three-dimensionality of the level. And it makes being on the level interesting and enjoyable.
      3) Gameplay - all the locations of the level are used in it. There is a sequence and consistency of passage. There is a logical mutual assistance of R. And vice versa - if B does not help R with the labyrinth, B will not be able to help R.
      4) I love the logic of the P path and love the green maze with plants!
      5) The colors of the locations are well matched and logical. Vision does not get tired and it is pleasant to look at the picture.
      For me, there is one drawback - the author indicated that there are no tricks. But there are 2 tricks at the level - C hits the triangular block, and squeeze B so that he hits the first ball.
      Let me summarize. This level deserves at least 4 !! But since everyone put 3. I want to raise the rating and put 5. Moreover, I explained in detail why I can do this.
      Dear author, thank you for the atmosphere of the level and its detail! I appreciate it very much!
    • NewB
      @Denis Nazin firstly thanks for playing and writing an elaborate review with so many details. I am really glad you liked the design. It really encourages me to create more such levels! :):D
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