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Haunted Pool

Legend has it that the island in the old pond contains a magical secret, but it's also known to be treacherous as well - several bots were lost forever while exploring it. B is willing to take the risk... (no tricks needed)

Haunted Pool
D.S.Masters, Jun 29, 2020
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    • D.S.Masters
      Why "Haunted Pool"? Because it's a much nicer title than "Drowning Pool"...
      Drowning Pool (named after a 1975 movie starring Paul Newman) is a hard rock / nu metal band from Texas, and their first album was "Sinner", released in 2001, which contains the hit single "Bodies" (my favorite of theirs). The song is also a little controversial - according to the band, the song is about a moshpit, but other folks (including the military) have used it for other purposes.
      The band almost seems to be jinxed in some ways - the original singer, Dave Williams, died of a heart attack while they were touring in support of "Sinner", and they've gone through several different singers since then, usually citing artistic differences.
    • Rating:
      I don't quite know what was going on in the haunted pool, but I got there, ;):rotf:. It took a bit of guesswork, so not an entirely satisfying win.
      Great looking landscape, as always.
    • Rating:
      Don G Rowe
      Hmmm ... not one of my favorites. I think
      the only ball that matters is the one nearest the exit. It has to go first, since it seems any other combination of the remaining balls causes the mechanism to cut off access to it. How that happens or what causes it is hidden inside the structure and the shadow of the bridge. And whatever it is only needs 1 of the 2 balls closest to B's starting position to raise the win block. The one 2-block slider sticks a bit, but can be forced into working ... which I suspect is pushing a fifth hidden ball into a place where the 1 unused visible ball is likely supposed to go. Just a theory I developed to see if I could win with -1 ball and I could. :unsure:
    • Rating:
      But it's sad that you use alot of space and bots... But they all were useless. :(
      In the level only 1st slider step is thinkable .. when you know you get the win. :):thumbsup:
    • Rating:
      FUN level & Drowning Pool are great! Thanks for sharing @D.S.Masters ;)
    • Rating:
      +1 star for being playable
      +1 star for no shortcut
      +1 star for the nice design
      +1 star for the hidden gameplay :rolleyes:
    • D.S.Masters
      @Don G Rowe Never had any problems with that sticking myself - in fact, I redesigned it to prevent it from sticking.

      Edit: I think I see how you did it... that one slider (between the long fences) is held in place by a mechanism.
      Move the slider at the bottom of the ball ramp towards B, then hit the first ball - that activates the mechanism that frees up that slider between the long fences
    • D.S.Masters
      @EL797 I did try to leave some of the mechanisms visible - I'm not a big fan of hidden.
    • Don G Rowe
      @D.S.Masters Ah, I see. What I'm able to do is
      move the slider between the long fences towards B without dropping the first ball to engage the mech. That accounts for the -1 ball win. :thumbsup:
    • D.S.Masters
      @Don G Rowe Yep, you can do that, though it 'breaks' the mechanism (it eventually bumps the horizontal piece blocking it out of the way).
    • Rating:
      Hmmm...too bad we can't see those mechs and decide logically the order of moves.
      But i enjoyed nonetheless keeping an eye on that ball under the bridge.
      Thank you.
    • D.S.Masters
      @mossieurclo The mechs are partly visible... I like keeping at least part of a mechanism out in the open because it's easier to see if it jams up.
    • Rating:
      Ray Aznable
      @Don G Rowe

      first ball is tricky
      use of it is to fill a hole
      atfront of a slider between long fence
      push it, let it fall halfway to a hole
      when we slide first dragable,
      then punch it upward with first ball...
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