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I am having a bit of "author's block." No sliders in this level. A few tricks, located in the comments.

Makl, Oct 18, 2019
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    • Makl
      Cancel Walk Tap
      Boogie Bot
      Note: R needs to hang out with B in the Gazebo
    • Rating:
      Small but tricky.
    • Rating:
      Meko Guy
      I dropped a star because of either the requirement for a SSS directly beside R or the Dizzy Step (BB). The SSS isn't a hard move but it is when R is immediately beside B, the bots tend to rub shoulders and not work well but even trying to get a good tap was hard as other blocks were in the way. If the Dizzy Step or Boogie Bot (BB) was the intended way - same result, hard to get the timing and also a hard move to execute. I used SSS but needed more than twenty attempts for it to be successful. I won with B but figured it was a R win.
    • Makl
      @Meko Guy Its a B win, but R has to be in the "gazebo" for B to go to the finish.
      If there is a way for R to finish, I havent found it.

      Yeah, B does struggle bumping shoulders with R during the BB move (thanks for correction) but since there was no way to actually fail I didnt worry about it .

      There is an angle for each SSS that is most optimal. All the other directions are blocked by other blocks (pardon the redundancy)
    • Rating:
      Reading your trick list I noticed that I did it differently but I'm happy because I didn't use the most annoying trick for me...I only use...
      1-SSS 2-Claustrophobia ...uuhhmm,for me cancel tap isn't a trick,in fact is eliminate a trick effect ...and I won with B:sneaky:
      Thanks for sharing @Makl :thumbsup:
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