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Meko Guy

Four Low Balls

A few tricks will be required

Four Low Balls
Meko Guy, Nov 23, 2022
    • Meko Guy
      - springboard stairs (once)
      - step down B get off (not really a trick)
      - short auto pilots
      - low ceiling
      - cancel tap
      - if B is on L, then B can get off two blocks high or L's height
      - if B is on L and L is a bit lower than the surface, then B can get off L ONE block high
    • Rating:
      Saw the purpose of that high wedge early on so spent the rest of my solving time looking forward to the finish. Things flowed very smoothly and my gameplay was the same as the video. The final autopilot was fun.
    • shaun Roberts
      I notice that only @ridgerunner is man enough to take on these Meko Guy levels. I have so many cooperation levels to do @Meko Guy when I go back to them. Hundreds &Hundreds. That's a he'll of alot of levels. It will take years :D:thumbsup:
    • Meko Guy
      @shaun Roberts - Pretty strong words but I'm sure many other players have played and won but either don't have the time or can't be bothered to make a comment. The lack of comments doesn't encourage a designer to make more levels. This level might have taken 15 hours of my time, which I enjoyed, so I'm not complaining. Yes, I would have preferred more feedback but I have no control over that. My level tomorrow is a B Only so you'll have something to try.
    • MekoMole
      @Meko Guy
      You @Meko Guy are a prolific and talented designer, meant as a compliment not a criticism. @ridgerunner is a prolific and extraordinarily talented player, also a compliment not criticism. After all he IS Scottish and therefore above criticism.
      Both of you, plus several other members, are totally dedicated Mekorama enthusiasts and must spend a considerable amount of time on Mekorama. You and @ridgerunner are well matched as 'opponents/collaborators' and I enjoy following your exchanges as does @shaun Roberts, I suspect, from the tone of his post.
      However much I enjoy Mekorama I feel the time I spend, considerably less than you and ridgerunner I have to suspect, is excessive and try to limit it. This means that I limit the number of levels I view and limit even more those I play. One of the fallouts from this is that I don't tend to like, comment or rate as much as I should.
      A long winded post to say that you aren't ignored.
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    Meko Guy
    Nov 23, 2022
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