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Four Combats

B must face four deadly guardians (UPDATED CARD for newer versions of Mekorama in first comment)

Four Combats
cimarronline, Mar 17, 2021
    • cimarronline
    • Rating:
      Excellent level...As I said maybe I don't like some novelties of the latest update but this one is cool and give us more possibilities to create different levels...B the Z killer is very satisfactory...Besides,as I am a fan of timing levels I like a lot the gameplay and requieres some thinking too...You get an idea from @Don G Rowe & you built a very fun level with great design...Thanks for sharing @cimarronline very good job ;)
    • Rating:
      Blue Tower
      Cool combat level! It's just like penetrating a Z castle! The ending was cool and I thought Z2 should fit in the
      so I watched your video. Great design. I won in my 9th attempt because B sometimes gets zapped. Thanks for sharing this fun combat level @cimarronline! Great job! :thumbsup::thumbsup:
    • ridgerunner
      Interesting demo. I will have to try and remember the moves as my brain is hardwired to expect B to die in these encounters.
    • Rating:
      Sammy 5
      Firstly thank you so much @cimarronline for making an updated card.
      And thank you also for the Z fighting demo as I needed that to get a clue as to how to start!
      This level was truly spectacular in that I got such satisfaction from seeing those little Z bots actually Die! Pretty sure that was a first for me and B :thumbsup:
      I probably had to redo this level 20 times to get it right but I enjoyed it as I made progress with each restart.
      Really loved the smooth kill of #2 Z bot. #3 gave me some grief sometimes as he would occasionally zap B :eek:
      An extra 6th Star ☆ for keeping my heart rate above 90 beats per minute for the entire level ! LOL
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