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Deon Jose Thomas

Dive in

My first level. It is all about figuring out where to go in and where to come out.

Dive in
Deon Jose Thomas, Nov 27, 2020
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    • Jom
      Hmm, :rolleyes::rolleyes:! I was enjoying the exploration. I quite like a hidden maze to work out but then I discovered there are zappers in there, :(! Sorry, it's not for me!

      Edit... I went back because it really is a good level!! And it turns out the zappers you can just see inside near the finish don't actually catch B anyway!! So what are they for??!!
    • Rating:
      Having realized that the almost hidden zappers near the finish do not affect the route at all, ;):unsure: ... It's a good looking level, with a route that has B running all over the place, :thumbsup::D. Fun to explore, :thumbsup::D.
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    • Oily Jake
      I couldn’t see a a way to avoid those zappers
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    • Jom
      @Oily Jake I didn't get caught by them, but it's difficult to describe the route!! I just kept following where I was able to go ( with a few back tracks at dead ends).
    • Rating:
      Sammy 5
      What an Awesome A+ first level!!!:)
      Even putting an R bot into an entryway doesn't mess things up.
      @Jom and @Oily Jake ...something magical happens inside during B's passage to mitigate those nasty Zappers :thumbsup:
      Too bad the author isn't making more levels :cry:
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    Deon Jose Thomas
    Nov 27, 2020
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