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By Umar

umarbhatti, Feb 12, 2020
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    • Rating:
      Buff,I noticed that you only are a 5 years (soon 6;)) child ... Too many red brick in the design for my taste & then only a sacrifice with the right timing...No much gameplay my little Meko-friend(sure that you are the youngest Meko-player in this forum:rolleyes:) Anyway,you have a lottttt of time to improve,thanks for sharing @umarbhatti ;)
    • Meko Guy
      I gave it a go and B died and missed the win so I gave up. I seen no point in trying again with hopes that I get more LUCKY. :(
    • Rating:
      Good effort but hitting the win is too much a matter of luck.
    • Rating:
      Nice one, :thumbsup::thumbsup::D:D. Not much gameplay, but it all works neatly and the design looks pretty good, ( like my meko-friend @delator77 , I think it might look better with some of the red brick swapped for other materials).
      Great start. Very impressive for a 5 year old, well done, :thumbsup::thumbsup::D:D.
      nGord likes this.
    • umarbhatti
      Thankyou. I made an animal on top and meko has to go between the animal legs.
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    • Jom
      @umarbhatti Haha!! I like the animal, ;):rotf:. To follow up on my earlier comment, maybe if the lower part was made of grass or stone blocks, then the red block animal would stand out clearly. Nice start though, well done. I look forward to seeing your next one, :thumbsup::thumbsup:.
    • Ahmad Bhatti
      Jom likes this.
    • Rating:
    • Jom
      Hello @jenchg, and welcome. Maybe you didn't realize that this builder is just 5 years old. We try to keep our ratings and comments constructive and encouraging on the forum, :thumbsup::).
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