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B works as a quality control inspector at the Ball Manufacturing Company, his focus today is impact resistance. Like any respectable employee, he likes to sneak away for an impromptu break in the lower level storage closet when no one is looking! (My second level, feedback welcome!)

Death, Feb 16, 2018
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    • Death
      This level isn't a puzzle so much as a bit of fun. I've given you some toys to play with (I mean, tools to accomplish your task!)
      • Crane: B is standing on it, helping you load your balls from the hopper
      • Control Bar: In front of the crane is a bar for precision drops or skip it and send the balls flying (my preference)
      • Sweeper: Clear the floor of random balls into the conveyor and/or help slide them into open spots on the grid
      • Conveyer: Automatically feed the balls into the elevator, there's a two block gate at the end to stop any balls from falling out of play when the elevator is up
      • Elevator and Unloader: Raise the balls back to the top, empty the elevator into the hopper to feed the crane with the unloader (be gentle or send your balls flying, whatever makes you happy)
      • Hopper: Manually feed the crane whenever you're ready
      • Storage: Run out of balls? Get a refill from under the hopper, there's more than enough!
    • Death
      @gmacpro More Boogie Bot exploits? I had this level designed before you taught me that, I'll be incorporating no-boogie-woogie techniques into future levels.
    • Death
      @gmacpro Ahh, I tried that a few times and didn't succeed then I figured if someone really wants to go that route then they can. It's like playing hide and seek with children, you can open your eyes but that's not the point. Thanks for your input though!
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      Wow!! Excellent mechanism and fun logic level!! It took me a while understand what to do but after this the path was clear!! Thanks for sharing and great job @Death ;)
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