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Hi... This level use Auto pilot and springboard stair. Enjoy the level

BangTe, Dec 6, 2019
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    • Meko Guy
      So much for taking @Jom's suggestion ref too busy....
    • Meko Guy
      I gave up as it's too busy and I assume the corner mechanism is too fall into the wedge area but it doesn't.....
    • ridgerunner
      I have won. Separately i have pushed all the balls and lowered the platform by stages. But i have not managed to put it all together into one gameplay yet.
    • Rating:
      I think i have won by the designed gameplay. Pushed all the balls to helpful positions and brought the platform down to the bottom with B on it. Couldn’t see an obvious path to the vital draggable at the side from there , but tapped on it and thankfully B got there.
      BangTe likes this.
    • Meko Guy
      I should have left it but I had nothing better to do. I used MekoStudio to get past the 1st falling mechanism (into the wedge area), I achieved it once but never again. I then progressed thru the level with MekoStudio as it was too busy and obscure, plus restarting at least 50 times wouldn't have happened without MekoStudio. I'm pretty sure that did it as intended and you put way too much into this level. With all the mechanism drops, something isn't going to work and often something failed so I just restarted at that point. The main failure was the platform drop (the 2nd one), it regularly ended up diagonal as the release mechanism had to be returned to catch B. Anyway, I've worked thru it with MekoStudio and have no desire to replay from the start.
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    • ridgerunner
      Here is what i think the full gameplay is, apart from the start where I couldn’t get B to knock over the pillar so gave up trying.
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    • Meko Guy
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    • BangTe
      @ridgerunner I am surprised you can drop the pillar without moving b
      Thanks for rated
    • Źàiď
      Wow .. I gave up due the hidden.. it's hard to see the path and don't know what's going on with the mechanism which is cause me alot of restart .. should be not messy and hidden so I can see clearly.. sorry:(
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