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Brick Mansion

B is on top of a mansion.

Brick Mansion
HaseebDemon, Feb 12, 2020
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    • HaseebDemon
      1) Squat drops (if b squats tap on lower floor b will go there )
      2) Autopilot
      3) Eye Ball Trick:
      The ball on left side of thumbnail image will go into the eye hole. which is half a block high. This gives the ball a special property. When the B-Bot is traveling over it he will leap in the air a bit
      Resulting in falling down from the floor

      4) Stair Trick
      I don't know the last stair trick name it just a simple tap on left side of stairs when b legs are into the stairs (not on stairs)
    • Meko Guy
      At first - I thought it was too hidden but then I seen your trick list and ToA isn't squat drops but ToA works. The level seems very iffy again. Lots of tapping with little result. B jumps off the level onto the surface (no rails to help) for the eye move. The Stairs move - your simple tap isn't working here but if you do enough tapping (killing my mouse :() B might squat and/or fall off the level.
    • Meko Guy
      The stairs move finally worked and the ball had no purpose for me. Back and forth with the slider to bump B - this level wasn't fun as it was too tedious.
    • Rating:
      Meko Guy
      I decided to up my rating as maybe it was just bad luck for me.
    • Rating:
      I didn’t use ToA but i did use the ball as part of the finish so no dodgy moves employed. However it is not a satisfying level to play. I don’t think blocking the shortcut was necessary as getting B to the win off the ball does not look easy either.
    • Rating:
      I also didn't use ToA but I was tempted...FUN tricky level...Thanks for sharing @HaseebDemon ;)
    • HaseebDemon
      Thanks For P, C and R @delator77 @ridgerunner @Meko Guy

      I'm not getting stuck with the stairs trick! it just a simple tap in my device may be a device thing. but yes the eye-ball trick, if you don't control your b movement. b will fall on the ground!

      (B will fall only on the ground from eye-ball trick since its corner and if you control your b movement when you fail the trick you will not fall Like tapping single or going slowly)

      I don't think so there's ToA in my level maybe... but if you guys thought that last trick is ToA like falling down to the lower floor for the win! no, it's not ToA (if you guys used that there)

      1) When you use the first ball to pass through (the first ball falls down and there's a slider stopping the ball on a wedge)
      2) When you're on the last floor go the end of the path (where ball go towards the lower floor I mean there's a single block (Where you can use ToA) stand there)
      3) Then Release the ball with the help of slider, Ball will come towards B either knocking down b to lower ground or B squats, If b squats you can use the trick to win!!

      Yes, it was hard to do a shortcut by travelling the ball but I stopped this for the first time when I was creating the starting moves so I stopped that before! After that, I didn't take a risk so if b falls b will get zapped no matter what if b is on ball or not :p - @ridgerunner
    • Rating:
      Crazy idea... Stair trick... Is amazing:thumbsup: love it. Thanks for sharing @HaseebDemon
    • HaseebDemon
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