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Big R

An adventure of B and P. Claustrophobia / low ceiling is needed.

Big R
935, Jun 19, 2020
    • 935
      This is the most my satisfying level since "Special Agent 4", and it is also my first logical level that is quite satisfactory. But I still classified it as "adventure".

      I think no hints are needed at this level. The red bricks in the level are already very clear. Every red brick is an important reminder.

      The video demo is not recommended to watch early, this level only requires Claustrophobia / low ceiling, the difficulty is not high. It will be more fun to explore alone.

      The reason for the level name "Big R" is that our community calls P the "Big Red". In this level, P has a very exciting performance.
    • Rating:
      Yes, that was great. I kept wondering, where's big R? Then pow! And great ending! I needed help with the first red brick (I still don't understand what happens there?) but thanks for all the hints.
    • Rating:
      Just as well the red brick is there. Just shows, keep on tapping them if stuck. And what an entrance from bigR! Matched in drama by the spectacular finish.
    • Rating:
      This is what I mean by Meko-FUN... Challenging & stable tricky level with cool moves:sneaky:...Thanks for sharing @935 ;)
    • cimarronline
      @935 Just metal stairs under the other blocks? Or is there more to it? Do they have to be connected by metal?
    • cimarronline
      @935 I see, they get pushed up. That's interesting, thanks!
    • Ray Aznable
      congratulation for being
      more recognized and liked
      by senior players.

      one advice,
      dont upload many levels at once.
      that will reduce the value of ur level.
      people will be lazy to chek at all
      of your level at the same time.
    • Ray Aznable
      cool way u applied here,
      u lowering the difficulty
      reduce obscurity, raise clarity
      to make ur level be
      more enjoyed...
    • Ray Aznable
      try this level.

      mothproof, there is another
      magic move for R in here.
      P can breakthrough stair
      using static dragable.

      and anomy,
      dont be silly
      later on i will play ur level.
      otherwise, i will spoil
      ur dirty secret.
    • mothproof
    • Rating:
      Ray Aznable
      i would rate this level
      9 stars
      but i couldnt
      1. first ball is a trial, right or left hole.
      2. P pop out from hole
      3. P can breaktrhough stair
      4. interesting tunnels
      5. red bricks are really helpful.
      6. back and forth hsteps for B, after redirect P to stand beside at Giant Pipe with fence, B need to go back to first ball position, to go back at where P located.
      7. a building like giant tree giving impression that P might frozen under it, but its not (there is hidden eye below)
      8. corner ball will make the giant long pipe to move, then fall to the left 90°
      9. giant hidden pipe is for doing "Limit Break" trick. so P can walk on the pipe. because its out of capacity from 16x16
      and there are alot more
      of amazing idea included here
      which are too many
      to be described...

      thank you
      @935 & @XSHY
    • Rating:
      P entry was amazing.:eek::thumbsup:
    • Ray Aznable
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    Jun 19, 2020
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