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All Out

Repostin Card. A few tricks needed

All Out
BangTe, Sep 16, 2020
Azka Fauzan Firdaus likes this.
    • BangTe
      Repost card
      @Shan14 did a B toss and won fast. I asked @Meko Guy to block that part using mekostudio
      I thank you 2

      *Auto Pilot + Freezing + Squad
      Try this first [​IMG]
      *Auto Pilot
      *Magnetic Slide and you will get *Elevated Eye

      When hersing R to release P. Put in the slider / dragger near the long rail to prevent R from getting stuck under the wedge a second time and prepare to auto pilot to block P from getting stuck under the wedge early

      Long leg Z Bot is hide bottom wedge near winblock. Bottom stairs frame

      The video by Abed Arrazak. He is a friend @Ahmed sa from morocco
    • Rating:
      Azka Fauzan Firdaus
      What an interesting level! At first I thought was P only that B should stomp and win. But R includes here. Not only just getting out P from stucks, but he can help B too with video tutorial explained. That was unpredictable end. And in the end, I need the video too because I was stuck with R in the first path and P stucked again. An awesome and tricky, logical level. Thanks for sharing kawanku! :thumbsup:
      BangTe likes this.
    • BangTe
      Wow. You come back again... @Azka Fauzan Firdaus

      Surprised me...
      Thanks for play, nice comment, and rate hihi:D terbaaaik
    • Rating:
      Excellent logic in the level and although I didn’t like the stacking move that much at least i came across it by accident in the start of the level. My win was almost identical but for the eye of B move i started with B on the draggable and tapped, pulled draggable and dropped B into the hole.
      BangTe likes this.
    • BangTe
      Start on Dragger when doing magnetic slide is worst. I didnt mention it on spoiler because if it fail then B can drop to the hole

      Thnks for playing :D Mr David
      This lvl looks like not difficult for you
    • ridgerunner
      @BangTe ..but if B falls into hole i just gently squeeze back up and that doesn’t stop B movement to under the wedge.
    • Azka Fauzan Firdaus
      @BangTe I'm on the way to school graduation (kelulusan SMA). So, I need some logic a bit. Then I come back again here to bring nostalgic back + play some of logical levels, just like this one :D
      BangTe likes this.
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