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Adding Bug

1 out of 16 R bots is misplaced. Find it, fix it to enjoy this 4-bit adder count to 16.

Adding Bug
Meak, Jul 20, 2021
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    • Pratik Bhalerao
      Not getting what game does have in this card.
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      Fiendish level! I was about to give up until I realized I could restart and see which bot breaks the pattern.*

      Is there a way to get the additional star without breaking the pattern? I was too nervous to try.

      For anyone who doesn't see the pattern, this is a binary counter with each of the square paths at the end representing a 1 or 0. If empty it's a 0, and if there's 1 bot in it it's a 1. When a 2nd bot enters the square it "carries the 1” by having 1 bot advance to the next square and having the other bot exit (which is super clever).
      If all the bots are spaced correctly, you'll win after it counts to 15 (1111 in binary or 1 bot in each square) and then the final bot enters. The win square could be seen as the final bit, so the 16th bot will flip our count to 10000 in binary.
      The trick is to find the bot that's out of place and put it right.
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    • Meak
      Thanks for the comment ! I really appreciate the detailed spoiler which is exactly what I was trying to do, and it was my second version doing so.
      This is an hint about how to get the second star.
      There are only two movable sliders. One increases the path of a given bot by 2, the other reduces it by 2.
      You correctly spotted which bot was failing and you used one of the slider to correct it temporarily just for this bot.
      Now cause another bot to catch the second star (it becomes two cases late) and use the first slider to make it back on track.
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    Jul 20, 2021
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