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Jose Luis Galiano

Abu Simbel

ATTENTION: The last changes made in Mekorama have spoiled this level. Fortunately @cimarronline has updated a card that works with version 1.4. Please play the level with this card only: https://mekoramaforum.com/attachments/abu-png.30779/

Abu Simbel
Jose Luis Galiano, May 17, 2017
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    • Jose Luis Galiano
      Recent changes made to Mekorama have spoiled this level.
      To play it correctly you must download the following card: https://mekoramaforum.com/attachments/abu-png.30779/
      I want to thank @Gepeto for sharing his project Mekorama Studio with his Customizer application that has made it possible to customize Abu Simbel in an easy way.
      I also want to thank all the creators that have inspired me to build the Abu Simbel exploits. I should mention "Hercules" and "Autopilot Slider Jump" by @richardfu_, @vince's "Free jump", @retrograde's "Autopilot Slider Drop" as well as the respective versions of @cpw, @meko...
      I can not miss the opportunity to mention the "Descent Demo" levels of @retrograde, @trids' Tutorials, and @Block builder's "Last Resort Demo".

      Obviously there are many authors that I do not mention, maybe another time, but for now will suffice to say that they have made Mekorama forum into a mind-boggling experience.
      Thank you all

      The test that some friends have done to the level, has highlighted two difficult points in their gameplay. In case someone needs it, I give you some hints:
      B has to become Hercules and push the stones that block the door. Since it is practically impossible to rotate the stage before the blocks fall, you have to find a block of the interior in which to click and that is accessible without turning the stage (note: it looks like a brick).
      The last step in the columns is to make a jump from one column to another that is a space away. To do this, once B is at the top of the right column, you must bring the column from the left to the maximum, until you are touching both. Move the two slightly towards the center of the stage to provide space for the next step: With a determined movement, the left column pushes the right one to put itself in place, then B, which will have been suspended in the air, will fall on top of the left column.
      The previous movement can be solved with a bugg:
      B is at the top of the right column.
      The column on the left approaches the maximum until it is touching both.
      Move both a single space into the stage.
      B can jump from one to another simply by clicking.

      Is this a new bugg? Can someone confirm it and, if so, name it?
    • Rating:
      Wow. Just the design alone deserves the 5 stars!
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    • Rating:
      Very magnific design!!!!
    • Rating:
      Another masterful lesson by @Jose Luis Galiano on how to perfectly combine the fun / challenge spirit of Mekorama with historical / cultural background ... Without doubt the best creator in this aspect .... besides the gameplay is very good .. .. Congratulations and thanks Jose Luis for your contribution to this big Meko-family ;)
    • delator77
    • Jose Luis Galiano
      Thanks @JackBauer Not bad, but they don't have the quality of yours
    • Rating:
      I don't have words... I think it's a brilliant level with a mix of everything needed for having a good time for thinking and for fun. A lost jewel of the Nile...Good job!
    • Rating:
      Amazing work of art!! You are developing a variety of levels which are, together with a few more, the pride of Mekorama. Thank you very much for your work!
    • Rating:
      Wow... I am impressed.
      • First, the ambiance is amazing and I like the way you used metal corners to design the colossal statues of Ramses the great (yeah I love Wikipedia ;)). According to several levels of yours it's seems that you like history (tourism?) and architecture. That gives a lot of credentials to the levels.
      • Then the gameplay is wonderful and sometimes tricky. Starting wasn't obvious and the path above the sliders was... unexpected to me.
      All of this to say thanks! And as this level deserves more than 5 stars to me I will give it a big LIKE :D
    • Jose Luis Galiano
      Thanks @Gepeto, me too I give you a big :p
      Gepeto likes this.
    • Rating:
      Astonishing level again! The visual design is amazing I feel as a National Geographic explorer moving around the temple. The game play is great, I loved first step and the different puzzles you created with the columns. Wow, SIX stars for sure... Thanks!
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    May 17, 2017
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