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Meko Guy


A few auto pilots will be required – there is more than one way to achieve a win

Meko Guy, Nov 28, 2020
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    • Meko Guy
      - auto pilot (with B on the ball, raise lift to toss the ball and tap where you want B to go)
      - Place a bot on the brick to keep the ball in play
    • Rating:
      My win was different but it’s an interesting level to explore and i like the main designed win.
      i kept R up top until dropped off rotatable at the end. I put B on the ball in the cage and lofted up to get both balls then autopiloted B over the cylinder to get round to block R
    • Meko Guy
      Not a move that I would do as R may not walk away - I should have blocked for it but didn't even consider it. Thanks for P, C and R.
    • Rating:
      Quick & FUN tricky level...Thanks for sharing @Meko Guy ;)
      Btw,my way was very,very different...I noticed that something was different when I read your trick list & realized that I used...
      Claustro too
      Anyway,no shortcut only an alternative way:sneaky:
    • Rating:
      Ray Aznable
      annoying ball,
      oftenly slip to red brick
    • Rating:
      Sammy 5
      My B did 3 autopilots on top but was tricky with the ball often getting stuck on the red brick! o_O
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