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Meko Guy

4 One Step APs

4 Unique One Step Auto Pilots will be required from B and the rest is just logic. See first comment for more information

4 One Step APs
Meko Guy, Nov 25, 2022
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    • Meko Guy
      The first two auto pilots were shown to me by @ridgerunner and the third one is my variation of the 2nd auto pilot. @ridgerunner has not seen this level

      - moving auto slider (with B on the rail, tap the metal block as it moves towards B)
      - moving manual slider to stairs (with B on draggable, slide the draggable under the stairs and tap to the side)
      this move has also been called Dynamic SSS
      - moving manual slider to stone rounded block (with B on draggable, slide the draggable under the block and tap to the side)
      - moving manual slider (standard - tap and miss auto pilot)
    • Rating:
    • Rating:
      For once I remembered and recognised my moves in the level. Got carried away and also gor Racross the draggable by itself before spotting the better move. The last third of the gameplay was quite hard to spot . Very enjoyable.
    • Pratik Bhalerao
      Zapped at Brick, will try again.

      One silly question, is there any app or you just type anything to rename your card file? :D

      Just curious, Please don't mind.
    • Meko Guy
      @Pratik Bhalerao -
      If I understand your question correctly... I don't use an app but I use a PC (Desktop) to play Mekorama so I name them as required - for example: today's level is called '866 - 4 One Step APs.png' on my PC.

      If you mean, the strange name like 'JrEknfh.png' - that is IMGUR where I post my cards changing the name.

      You should make it past the brick on your next attempt.
    • ridgerunner
      Have now seen the video and my gameplay was the same. Liked both of the R uplifts and I wasn’t sure if my second one was the designed gameplay but it was.
    • Pratik Bhalerao
      @Meko Guy

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