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This level uses the trick that I mentioned in my last level. Low ceiling and autopilot and maybe cancel tap are used. R will need to miss B and fall once. And obviously more complex than 23rd.

ohmytian, Jun 29, 2022
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    • Rating:
      Really nice level!!! I like the way to get the highest star.

      I was very wondering what is the role of the highest ball. When I knew the role of this ball, it was wonderful. Thanks to share the level:thumbsup:
    • ohmytian
      @CHL Actually I put that star in hopes players will know there must be a bot stack for the gameplay near the finish. Glad that you enjoyed it. Do you notice the weird low ceiling behaviour for B? Thank you very much for playing.
    • Rating:
      Ray Aznable
      fun advanture,
      cool color compositions,
      nice architectural building design.
      there are traps involving low ceiling.
      must be smart to block opened right side
      of low ceilings.

      if i may say one suggestion
      for your next levels,
      make sure add extra railing
      to secure ball's falling.
    • CHL
      @ohmytian Yeah I knew that I have to make a bot stack, so I was thinking about for several minutes how to make a bot stack.
      I didn't think firstly the highest ball would be used to make a bot stack even though the low ceiling trick is familiar to me.
    • ohmytian
      @Ray Aznable Yeap, this level plays with the "which way will B go after low ceiling" And that's why I posted 23rd before this level. Thanks for playing. Regarding your suggestion, thank you for that. Stability is my first priority and I didn't have rails around is because the ball drop never fail for me. Sorry for the ball issue. And thank you again!
    • ohmytian
      @CHL If you played my 23rd, then you'll be familiar with why is that ball needed. B always choose his preferable path after low ceiling. So blocking this path will make B turn the other side.
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    • Rating:
      Superb level with the not to obvious use of the high ball. My gameplay was slightly longer and differed at 2.30 when I thought R might get isolated if I tried the move in the video so I didn’t use it.. I didn’t need the ball that falls onto the step(then sometimes moves sideways into the hole). I liked the herding of R just before the finish.
      Used B to block R onto the high part f the fence draggable then with B on the lower section squeeze R onto B (without allowing R to turn else R floats and falls) and walk the stack to the metal block with the rail. Used a similar move at the end to avoid any need for the aforementioned ball.
    • ohmytian
      @ridgerunner Good variation there(but longer) to skip the ball as I didn't thought of walking bots stack. Thanks for playing and commenting.
    • Rating:
      Meko Guy
      I finally got this one. Too bad the rating system is so flawed as this level is worthy of 10 stars if others are getting 5 stars. This one required more than two taps. I had some stability issues that seem to fix themselves as I progressed thru the level. Even after all the balls were dropped, it took me some time to see how to execute the mount. I could see where it will be done just had troubles getting the bots in the right order. Thanks for sharing.
    • ohmytian
      @Meko Guy The highest ball not falling properly into its hole (if pushed first before another ball) was the biggest problem in this level. Other players also commented on it. I'm sorry as I didn't think of it so I didn't try it during testing. But if you done the steps in correct sequence, then the level should be fairly stable. Thanks for playing and commenting.
    • Ray Aznable
      oh i got what u mean.
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