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2 Buddies

Too busy and exams. Finally tried my best to upload a level.

2 Buddies
HaseebDemon, Dec 4, 2019
    • HaseebDemon
      2x Autopilot
      Mid air tap (NOT necessary BUT for a safe play)
      Quick slide to drop B from top of R
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      Meko Guy
      I didn't like how the level progressed but I was doing it wrong at first. The auto pilot at the other end was risky as B would fly into the air and may land on the white surface. Some luck helped and I finally got it. Thanks for sharing.
    • HaseebDemon
      @Meko Guy Thanks For P,C and R

      Yes, there are some balls where you can get confused maybe. Else everything seems fine

      Also the risky move you are talking about (you can push b bit higher with the draggable) then you can use mid-air tap which i mostly used for a safe play :) Yes without mid-air tap it's bit risky but i added mid-air tap too in my tricks as I intended to not make it frustrating :p
      Meko Guy likes this.
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      I don't like a level that require luck but it's okay. Thanks
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      Maybe a device thing, but my gameplay didn’t have any dangerous or lucky autopilot. Didn’t like the way i got B to the far end. Maybe i am missing something.
    • HaseebDemon
      @Źàiď @ridgerunner Thanks for P,C and R

      I agree with ridgerunner too. Maybe its same I't doesn't seem too lucky move for me to

      There are 2 moves for B which you have to be steady
      1) Is on the bottom floor. Last end you have drop B to ground with autopilot and quick slid b to ground then push b lil bit high use the mid-air tap to reach the last ground

      2) on top when your on top of R use the slider to drop B down to ground be steady it also not too risky for me.

      Yes I know I completed this level in too many segments like leaving it and completing it on a other day same and repeat.. Also I used my most of time creating the start of the level and I wanted to upload this level as fast as I can. So I didn't took too much time to finish this as I cannot make this more tricky. :thumbsup:
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      Late to win. Cos new SBS.
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