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Some hackish pushes

NMR, Sep 8, 2018
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    • gmacpro
      At first glance the level looks unfinished. I gave your level a go and gave up as I don't play hidden ones. :( My thinking is levels can be hard enough with nothing hidden.
    • Rating:
      I personally enjoyed poking around and counting blocks to infer what is not immediately evident.

      The reason for my poor rating is due mostly to the choice of using headless R bots. They are known not to behave in the standard pattern (discussion here). This level has furthermore relied on shoving the bots around in terms of brute force rather than use of logic. One also does not need to use all the bots or sliders to win.

      Thus you'll find that those players looking for a puzzling logic level and those looking for a tricky ability level will equally be let down. The part that I did find rewarding was trying to figure out what the intent of this level was. In other words, the mystery made the level. Thanks for sharing your version of creativity with us!
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    • NMR
      Yeah, it's a bit brute force, and slightly finicky with almost no logic. It does deserve a low rating. I'm new to this game, so hopefully my style will evolve. However the next few levels will similar explorations. But no more hiding stuff for now because that was a bit lazy.
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    • Rating:
      I liked the logic behind this level and it wasn’t to difficult to work out how to move the bots. Would have been too easy if everything was visible.
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    Sep 8, 2018
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