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New Profile Posts

  1. Black Rock
    Black Rock
    Still a nube and just messing with designs for now
  2. Don G Rowe
    Don G Rowe
    After 14 years and 9 months past her designed 90-day mission, it's over and out for my brave Mars rover Opportunity. Congrats to NASA!!
  3. Milk3n
  4. Milk3n
  5. HaseebDemon
    New Member In Mekorama ❤
  6. Don G Rowe
    Don G Rowe
    Flip a coin. Now near 60 degrees of springtime. Surf the MS river y`all!
  7. Don G Rowe
    Don G Rowe
    Hunkered down against the subzero temps and snow. Kinda ready for something ... anything ... else.
  8. PvB
    Visiting mekorama forum after long time
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  9. kARTon
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    2. laurence.gr
      | pika, pika!
      Jan 18, 2019
    3. nGord
      Bless you.
      Jan 24, 2019
  10. Don G Rowe
    Don G Rowe
    So long and thanks for all the memories to Broadway stage legend Carol Channing.
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  11. Frince
    I uninstall Mekorama more than 5 times in a month and after few hours i reinstall it again :D I think i become Mekoholic :p :D
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    2. Raiv Villan
      Raiv Villan
      Same here,
      Jan 31, 2019
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    3. Frince
      Jan 31, 2019
  12. Don G Rowe
    Don G Rowe
    Digging out from near record snowfall here in flyover country.
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  13. Źàiď
    Tomorrow I will upload easy level that everyone can win but it's just for a patient-people...see you soon
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  14. Frince
    New Avatar...
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  15. Robot
    hevesli acemi
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  16. Leo3065
    Looks like I missed a lot of things during these time.
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    2. Frince
      I am fan of ur linked switch level
      Jan 12, 2019
  17. siouxdax
    New and learning.
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  18. Master Author
    Master Author
    Sorry @nGord for my self-promoting on the thread.Hope you accept my Apology..
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  19. gmacpro
    Tomorrow, my level is a demo but also very playable. The demo is on Springboard Stairs coupled with Auto pilot, the new move lately.
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  20. Frince
    Ohhhhh today i understand the meaning of p,c&r (playing, commenting & rating) before i believed that p c and r mean (p-bot, c-bot &r-bot)lol
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