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New Profile Posts

  1. Master Author
    Master Author Jorz
    You have a potential to make a nice level,so keep it up.
    1. Jorz likes this.
    2. Jorz
      wow.. thanks !! actually i'm just observing some authors too and their levels, and that includes you hehe. i appreciate all criticisms and take it all positively. at first most of my levels are crap, full or shortcuts and errors until i became better. thanks to all of you guys! =)
      Nov 13, 2018 at 3:05 AM
      Master Author likes this.
    3. gmacpro
      Wow - Master Author, you are so arrogant!! Jorz is making good to excellent levels already and has surpassed 'having a potential'.
      Nov 13, 2018 at 7:16 PM
      Źàiď, Jorz and Master Author like this.
  2. Don G Rowe
    Don G Rowe
    "I'm sorry, Dave. I'm afraid I can't do that." RIP Douglas Rain, iconic voice of the HAL9000 ship's computer in 2001: A Space Odyssey.
  3. DotGrace56
    DotGrace56 Don G Rowe
    Awwww Joni Mitchell. An ALL TIME FAVORITE of mine. I used to sing all her albums in the UT library back in the day. With my headphones on and no one listening of course.
    1. Don G Rowe likes this.
  4. Don G Rowe
    Don G Rowe
    Happy birthday to iconic poet, artist, musician and singer/songwriter extraordinaire Joni Mitchell.
  5. Don G Rowe
    Don G Rowe
    If you're a US resident, cast a ballot. Today's the day!
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  6. Don G Rowe
    Don G Rowe
    I'm supposed to be an hour younger this morning, but I certainly don't feel like it!
  7. Master Author
    Master Author
    Mechanisms ending was a great entertainment.
  8. nGord
    nGord gmacpro
    What "imposed" rules?
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  9. Master Author
    Master Author
    Happy Halloween to all mekorama members and staffs..
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  10. Savage
    Thank you :)
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  11. Black1226
    Had a great visit with my daughter. She was up from Orlando for the weekend! I miss her already.
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  12. Don G Rowe
    Don G Rowe
    Congrats to the Beantown Red Legs on their World Series win! Now STL Cardinals, go get Machado!!!
  13. Memorama 13
    Memorama 13
    After having problems with my email. At last I'm back
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  14. bitt8
    Hello. Stop rating all my levels with 3 out of 5. Thank you
    1. Don G Rowe
      Don G Rowe
      I will be happy to ... if you make levels I feel deserve more -- or less -- than 3 stars. :-)
      Oct 29, 2018
  15. Happy Day
    Happy Day
    Looking for something interesting and inspiring
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  16. Master Author
    Master Author PvB
    As @hadi said."We miss you".Can you post a level someday?
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  17. Master Author
    Master Author
    1. Aris Yn
      Aris Yn
      No, yuan is my friend ...
      Oct 28, 2018
      Master Author likes this.
    2. Master Author
      Master Author
      Ok confirmed,no doubt it anymore..
      Oct 29, 2018
  18. claw33
  19. Master Author
    Master Author
    New Avatar:Mr.M
  20. Alberto
    Ok, now trying not to break other forum rules!